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Lafayette Personal Injury Lawyers

Lafayette Office

1819 West Pinhook Rd, Suite 250
Lafayette, LA 70508
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Your Lafayette Personal Injury Lawyers

Gordon McKernan injury attorneys in Lafayette work relentlessly to obtain settlements for all of our injury victims. Our success and lengthy knowledge of the legal system is what sets us apart from other Lafayette lawyers. Our legal team has won over 100 million dollars in our combined case settlements. We are the personal injury experts with over 25 years of experience.

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys encounters exponential success in obtaining appropriate settlements for all of our clients. We hold the honor of collectively winning over 100 million dollars in our cases.

Hire a Skillful Lafayette Injury Attorney for Personal Injury, Truck Collision, and Car Accident Cases

If you become a victim as the result of an accident, our team of lawyers in Lafayette will go to work for you. We have the knowledge and expertise to help victims of a car accident, truck collision, work accident, or anyone who has sustained injuries as the result of a preventable accident. Recovering after an accident is no easy task. There is often missed income, expensive medical bills, property repairs, and other expenses. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys works hard to make sure you obtain the help you need after an accident of any kind. Our empathetic professionals procure settlements for everyone in Lafayette, helping anyone from a hurt plant worker to a mother in a truck accident. We are THE Lafayette accident attorneys- Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys has the legal accomplishments to help bring you to justice after an accident.

Let Us Do the Settling for You

Seek legal advice before you accept an insurance company settlement. Sadly, most insurance companies do not sympathize with you and will do anything they can to keep their cost low. This could leave you to pay for expenses out-of-pocket. Take control of your situation by employing the injury attorneys at Gordon McKernan in Lafayette. We will document evidence, assess your situation, and put our expertise to use to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Visit Our Lafayette Office

Countless Lafayette residents have already experienced what Gordon McKernan can do for them after an accident. By calling our knowledgeable lawyers in Lafayette, you are guaranteed our commitment to bring you justice. Our lawyers will work around the clock to get you the best settlement possible. Our Lafayette law office is conveniently located on West Pinhook Road.

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