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car accidents badgeAuto accidents are extremely traumatic events that can leave you injured, missing a vehicle, and with extensive medical bills. The aftermath is a process that no one should have to go through alone. If you’re involved in a car accident, it is vital that you contact us as soon as possible. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette will walk you through the process. Just give us a call at our Lafayette office at 337.999.9999!

Personal injury car wreck cases are very complex. They require someone with experience and skill to take on the insurance company and fight to get you maximum compensation. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette will work to protect your rights and prevent you from being taken advantage of by an insurance company. Plus, the Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette will not charge you a dime unless they win your case!

As mentioned above, our team does not see a dollar unless we win your case for you. We have an impressive over 99% success rate for cases that we accept. We will offer you an initial consultation for free, and will operate on a contingency fee basis. All this means is that there are zero case expenses or attorney’s fees at all, unless we obtain a settlement for you or win your case at trial.

Our Verdicts & Settlements

We have over 45 auto accident settlements and verdicts over $1 million dollars. This should give you confidence in the fact that we take excellent care of our valued clients. With our representation, your only focus will be on recovering and healing from the injuries you are suffering from. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette will handle everything else.

If you were involved in a car accident, the team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette will fight to get the compensation you deserve. Read more about the the types of automotive accidents we deal with below. Simply contact us online or call 337.999.9999 for your initial consultation, completely for free. We have handled all varieties of accident injury cases, including:

Alcohol Related Accidents

Alcohol greatly impairs a person’s senses and abilities, and inhibits their abilities to operate heavy machinery and vehicles.

National statistics have reported that every half-hour, a life is lost due to an alcohol-related car accident. If you or someone you know was injured because of the careless actions of an intoxicated driver, we sympathize with you on how this can drastically affect your life. You may suffer from severe injuries, large medical expenses, surgeries, and even lost wages. Thankfully, you do not have to suffer the pain by yourself. Our hardworking team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette knows the physical, emotional, and financial damages that are caused by someone that chooses to consume alcohol and operate a vehicle. You should have an experienced, skilled, and aggressive team working on your behalf, so you can focus on getting the medical attention you need to recover properly. According to recent Louisiana statistics, of the 226 alcohol impaired driving fatalities that occurred, 65% of them involved someone that was impaired with high blood alcohol content (BAC) reported for 2011. Numbers that high are extremely scary. If you have been the victim of an intoxicated driving crash, all you need to do is call Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette and you will be eligible for a free consultation to talk about your case. Our understanding team will deeply investigate your case and recover the most we can for the pain and suffering you have withstood. We will work diligently for you, so that all you have to do is focus on getting healthy again.

Rear-End Accident Attorneys

Rear-end accidents can be very scary, especially when you are not expecting them. Whether you are caught completely off guard by the accident or you see the vehicle behind you approaching very quickly, rear-end accidents typically come as a surprise to the driver. You do not have to be hit by a driver going fast to obtain serious injuries, either. Gordon McKernan and his experienced team of personal injury attorneys have represented thousands of victims of rear-end collisions in cities all over Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Lafayette, and more. Our team at Gordon McKernan is very familiar with the injuries you typically see the victims of rear-end accidents suffer, including:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Herniated disk, back and neck injuries
  • Whiplash and soft tissue damage
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Face and head trauma from the dashboard or airbags
  • Chest injuries brought on by the steering wheel
  • Broken arms or carpal tunnel syndrome from bracing for impact
  • Fatal injuries

Insurance Companies’ Defense Tactics

When you are involved in a rear-end collision, fault is not typically a question, which means insurance companies are forced to get very creative in finding tactics to weaken your case. These insurance companies will usually try out a technique called “The Low Impact Defense.” This means that the sneaky insurance company will try to say that the impact was simply not great enough to cause the injuries you suffered from. The worst part is, the insurance company usually knows that their driver is the reason for the accident, but they will still try to use this tactic to weasel out of paying you your compensation. Do not let these insurance companies get the best of you–let the team at Gordon McKernan fight for you! We have seen this situation and many situations similar to it a plethora of times, and we have yet to loose a case based on this defense mechanism.

If You Have Been Injured, We Are Here to Help!

Receiving compensation can be difficult after a rear-end accident, even though the liability is usually quite clear. Our team of experienced attorneys have aided clients in receiving compensation from all kinds of accidents; whether it be a hit and run, drunk driver, uninsured driver, or careless texting driver, we have seen it all. We will help you get your compensation as well as any medical attention you need for a full recovery.

Head-On Collision Attorneys

Nothing is as jolting as minding your own business driving and suddenly seeing a vehicle headed straight-on for you. There is only so much that can protect you for something as dangerous and scary as a head-on collision with another vehicle, for standard safety equipment like air bags and seatbelts can only do so much. The injuries that happen as a result of a head-on collision can be extremely serious, not to mention the overwhelming financial obligations you are now confronted with.

Why Was Their Vehicle on Your Side of the Road?

Trying to figure out how the accident happened is never easy because of the destructive tendencies of head-on collisions. Although law enforcement will investigate what caused the crash, they often neglect to discover the real reason the accident occurred. You want someone immediately on the scene that has all of the necessary training and skills to discover the actual cause of the accident, and that is where Gordon McKernan and his team can help you. After working on thousands of accident cases, McKernan and his team have the experience and the knowledge to acquire the evidence needed to prove that the the blame is on the driver that collided into you, like:

  • Drunk driving
  • Texting while driving or talking on a cell phone
  • Roadway hazards or road defects
  • Unsafe passing or racing
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Driving too fast or losing control
  • Driving the wrong way (entrance ramp, one-way street)

The Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette understand the severity of injuries and fatalities that may happen because of a head-on collision, and the traumatic and lasting effects they can have on your entire life. We have the years on us as well as the excellent resources to reconstruct your accident in detail, so a judge will be able to truly see what exactly happened at the time of the accident.

Vehicle Rollover Accident Attorneys

Rollover accidents can be extremely serious and sometimes even fatal for the victims involved. In a rollover accident, the victims in the vehicle are severely jostled as the vehicle completely turns over, often several times. The victims of rollover accidents can be injured in a plethora of different ways; a caved roof may paralyze them, they may have been ejected from the vehicle, injured from the air bag or even hit by airborne objects inside of the vehicle. The injury attorneys at Gordon McKernan know that the victims of rollover accidents almost always suffer from severe injuries that can have long-lasting effects. We Know What Rollover Accident Victims are Going Through At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, and we understand the trauma our clients have suffered from and the hardships that our clients will have to face in the future. Compensation is a necessity after you have been involved in an accident as traumatic as a rollover accident, especially when serious injuries have occurred. You need compensation to handle the financial pressures that come up as a result of a major accident, such as lost future earnings, lost wages, pain and suffering, and not to mention sky-high medical bills.

Relief for Vehicle Rollover Accident Victims

Vehicle rollover accidents are particularly harmful, for they usually cause severe neck and head injuries and maybe even death in certain cases. These injuries can be a great deal worse if your vehicle’s safety systems were not functioning properly when the accident occurred. We will not only investigate the cause of your accident, we will also investigate whether your vehicle’s safety systems provided you with the protection it should have provided you with from the start. Poor vehicle design can cause air bag deployment failure, seat belt failure, and even roof collapses. You should not have to suffer because your vehicle’s safety systems were not properly designed. Our team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette represents people that have been injured in all kinds of rollover accidents, including T-bone accidents and SUV rollovers. We will investigate all of the many complicated issues that cases like these may present, such as:

  • Potential defects in the design of the vehicle
  • Potential manufacturing tire defects
  • Center of gravity, speed, driver and other forces that caused a rollover
  • Highway or road defects

If you are the victim of a rollover crash, one of our knowledgeable car accident attorneys will investigate your vehicle’s safety design and the newest accident reconstruction technology in order to present your case in the best and most effective way they can. If you were injured because of a rollover crash, the team at Gordon McKernan will work diligently to get your what you deserve as quickly as possible.

Have You Been Injured in a Car Wreck on I-10?

With their high speeds and frequent usage by a variety of different people all over the state and country, it does not come a surprise that vehicular accidents happen often on our interstate system. The I-10 and I-12 interstates link major cities in the southern region of the United States, including important cities in Louisiana like Baton Rouge and New Orleans, as well as cities outside of Louisiana like Mobile, Houston, and Tallahassee. Over 90,000 different vehicles drive each day on the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge, which is why it is a frequent scene for vehicular accidents. While you can make sure you are driving safely and abiding by all of the rules of the road, you cannot account for other driver’s carelessness and mistakes. Regardless of whether the other driver was texting, speeding, drinking, or simply not paying attention to the road, you should not have to suffer as a result. If you were involved in a auto accident on one of Louisiana’s interstates or highways, you may be eligible for monetary compensation for your losses. Gordon McKernan and the Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lafayette are licensed to represent interstate accident victims in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama and Texas.

I have been injured in a highway accident – what should I do next?

After you have been involved in a highway accident, things can get overwhelming very quickly. You may be out of work for a while due to lasting injuries, so you will have to deal with lost work time and lost wages. You may also incur huge medical bills, as well as physical and emotional pain. There are the damages on your car that you have to deal with as well, that is if your car is still in working condition after the accident. The good thing is, you do not have to face all of this alone. Upon acceptance of your case, we will investigate all of the details of the accident. Our trained investigators will go to the scene of the crash, no matter where it occurred or what time it may have occurred. We will find out the cause of the accident and make sure that that person is held responsible for their actions. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can send someone out to the scene and the stronger your case will turn out.

Defective bridge rail design causes double leg amputation.
$13,800,000 Verdict
Bicyclist Hit by Car
$8,415,000 Settlement
Low highway shoulder caused accident and paraplegia
$8,250,000 Verdict
Big Rig Hits Company Truck
$7,650,750 Verdict
Highway Defect Causes Paraplegia
$6,750,000 Settlement
18 Wheeler Rear End Wreck
$5,000,000 Settlement
Big rig accident causes serious injuries.
$4,200,000 Settlement
Seven Figure Settlement in Injury Case
$3,750,000 Settlement
Brain damage with left hemiparesis after an auto accident.
$3,330,000 Settlement
Auto Wreck Results in Severe Injuries
$3,250,000 Verdict
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