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Maritime Accidents

Offshore and Maritime Accidents

Offshore Maritime Accident LawyerThe many ports and terminals that line the entire length of the Mississippi River in South Louisiana serve as critical access points for the transportation of energy goods into the heart of the U.S. Many Louisiana workers make a successful living in the maritime industry. But these occupations can undoubtedly be dangerous.

While all workplaces come with some risks, offshore oil rig and ship accidents can result in particularly catastrophic consequences because of the industrial machinery that is used and the hazardous materials that are processed and transported. In fact, the overall fatality rate for the oil and gas industry was seven times higher than all other U.S. workers from 2003-2010 according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hire A Maritime Accident Lawyer If You’ve Been Injured

Proper safety practices and protocols are vital in offshore and maritime operations. Owners and employers of oil rigs and ships and other water vessels are responsible for providing safe working conditions to protect workers. Safety standards are not always upheld and negligence in these areas can result in serious injuries.

Oil Platform Explosions

Working on an offshore platform that is extracting oil presents dangerous situations where fires and burn injuries can happen. The presence of combustible materials and chemicals creates an environment where failure to follow safety regulations or recklessness can cause explosions. Electrical issues related to improper maintenance, shoddy installation or repairs can cause fires on offshore platforms and vessels carrying cargo and workers to and from oil rigs. The mechanical parts of these massive drills require continuous upkeep and welding is a key element in daily operations on an offshore platform. Working with welding tools around flammable materials is hazardous and lapses or negligence in safety measures can cause explosion accidents and injuries.

Barge and Tug Boat Accidents

Barges and tug boats that transport crude oil, equipment, and other related materials play an important role in the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, transportation related accidents also claim the lives of many offshore and barge workers. Because of their size, barges that are being towed by a tug boat are slow moving and while traveling their course and direction is not easily or quickly changed. This can increase the risk of collisions with other vessels sharing the waterway. These characteristics also make these types of accidents highly preventable. However, many barge and tug boat accidents happen when operators are more focused on rushing the cargo to its destination on time and safety standards are bypassed.

Offshore and Inland Drilling Accidents

Oil drilling comes with very real safety risks for the individuals operating the heavy machinery and those working in the vicinity. Equipment malfunctions or operator errors can result in tragic accidents. Head trauma, crush injuries, fractures and broken bones are among the most common offshore injuries resulting from contact with heavy equipment and hydraulic drills. Falling objects are also a hazard for workers on offshore and inland drilling operations. The sheer size and weight of the types of machines and tools employed in drilling make the risk of injury significantly greater. Limb amputations are devastating injuries that can happen if a worker’s arm or leg becomes caught in a machine or crushed by falling equipment.

Deck Hand Injuries

Deck hands often function as mechanics on tug boats, barges, cargo ships and other vessels. They typically conduct regular maintenance, such as repairing leaks, building tow lines, fuel transfers, rigging transfers, and loading cargo. These job tasks present the chance for accidents that cause hand crush injuries and amputations related to overstrained tow lines and defective winches. Slips and falls can also happen if decks are not covered with appropriate non-slip materials or decks are not properly cleaned.

Trust Your Maritime Claim to the Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Louisiana

Results matter when it comes to choosing a law firm to represent your maritime injury claim. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys is known across the state for our reputation for winning significant cash settlements and verdicts against large corporations. Taking on powerful international oil and maritime companies takes dedication, expertise, resources and courage.

Our injury attorneys have years of courtroom experience and if you want to take on big offshore businesses like these you need a trial lawyer who won’t back down from litigation. The Get Gordon team will thoroughly investigate the accident, collect evidence and utilize expert resources to develop the strongest case for you and fight to make those responsible pay what you deserve for your injuries.

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