Historic Cases, Local Resources to Commemorate African American History Month

Posted on Feb 1 , 2019

Black History Month or National African American History Month is observed throughout February. During this time, we remember the contributions and achievements of African Americans in our nation’s history.

The law has been a powerful avenue for change, creating society as we know it now. Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) began shifting the law for African Americans. This landmark decision upheld racial segregation laws for public facilities was constitutional as long as the segregated facilities were equal in quality. This doctrine became known as “separate but equal.”

In Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the Supreme Court outlawed segregated public education facilities at the state level. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 overrode all state and local laws requiring segregation.

African American History Month

Vivian Malone registering for classes at University of Alabama

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The Get Gordon Team invites our communities throughout Louisiana to attend local events to reflect on our history, celebrate where we are now, and commemorate those who helped us get here.

National African American History Month

Sgt. Romare Bearden (right) discussing one of his paintings, “Cotton Workers,” with Pvt. Charles H. Alston, his first art teacher and cousin

Southern University will be hosting “An Evening at the Cotton Club” through Tuesday, April 30, to commemorate National African American History Month. This exhibition showcases work from 1923-1940 by Romare Bearden, a famous African American artist who was popular during the Harlem Renaissance.

The Louisiana Digital Media Archive is highlighting several videos throughout Louisiana history. This footage spanning from 1853 to 1976 includes accounts of slavery and the Civil War, Civil Rights Movement reports, sit-ins, interviews, and more. View these videos online here.

At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we pride ourselves in being a diverse team of professionals, and we are thankful for the many African Americans who have pioneered change over time, in Louisiana and throughout our nation.

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