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Fatal accidents are events that we never think would happen to us or to someone we know and love, but unfortunately, they can happen to anyone, and they do. These fatal accidents can be caused by several different things, but the most frequent are car accidents and big truck accidents. It’s not fair that people we love could lose their lives to the careless driving of others, but it still happens. When it does happen, we could feel completely overwhelmed by the loss to the point where we simply don’t know what to do. The first step you could take, however, is contacting a fatal accident attorney in Lafayette at the Gordon McKernan Law Firm. With years of experience and a hard working team, you’d be taking one step closer to getting the compensation you deserve.

Car and Big Truck Accidents

Car accidents happen because of hundreds and hundreds of reasons. Someone wasn’t looking, someone was texting, or someone made a decision that was much too impulsive. Maybe it’s a big truck accident, and these causes can be much more complex. The list of these causes is much too long, but because of the carless behavior, someone else has to pay for the mistake, and it can be fatal. If you or a loved one is involved in a serious accident, not only do you have to worry about missing work or school to recover from your injuries, but you also have expensive medical bills to worry about in addition to the stress of dealing with insurance companies. This entire process can be made easier by choosing a law firm that is dedicated to its clients’ recoveries.

Other Services

Not only specializing in vehicular accidents, the Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys can provide law services in other areas such as personal injury, which could include orthopedic injuries, broken bones, burn injuries, amputation, explosions and fires, product recalls, nursing home neglect, traumatic brain injuries, and even wrongful death. These are cases where the client may really not know what to do, since other companies are involved rather than just insurance agencies, so it takes a team of attorneys who have knowledge on these particular types of cases, as well as the experience to back their confidence in their work.


Gordon McKernan and his team of attorneys have been winning cases for their clients for over twenty years, and they’ve become pretty confident in their work. The McKernan Law Firm has recovered large cash settlements for their clients in several different types of cases. In fact, the firm has recovered over ninety million dollars in settlements and verdicts over the years, and they literally promise their clients that if they don’t win your case, then you don’t owe them a dime! 

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