Gordon McKernan Sponsors Big Buddy’s 13th Annual Day of the Mentor

The lawyers and staff of Gordon McKernan Injury Lawyers recently had the privilege of participating in the 13th Annual Day of the Mentor program sponsored by the Big Buddy Program located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The purpose of the program is to introduce and allow local youth to experience possibly their first visit to a professional office or business and give them first hand, behind the scenes access to business leaders in their community.

The morning began with a breakfast at the office of the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators. The little buddies listened intently as guest speakers informed them of the day’s events. Then it was off to the office of the Gordon McKernan Injury Lawyers, where students witnessed first-hand the day-to-day activities of a busy personal injury law firm. Attorneys, employees and the students enjoyed the day together.

Attorney Loren Shanklin was impressed with how well organized the event was and is looking forward to participating again next year. Attorney Chet Boudreaux indicated that this program allowed him to “Give back to the community in the same way that our firm has been supported over the years.” Legal Assistant, Sheree Harrell, commented on how well behaved the students were and how they were absolutely amazed and were paying close attention to our very word. It was very nice to be able to share with them what we do daily. Attorney Michael Montalbano, III was equally impressed with how mature and focused his student was and said that he thought the Mentor Program was a good influential tool, which allowed our local students the opportunity to interact in the business community. Kristen Lizana, Social Security Paralegal, is very familiar with the mentor program, having been associated with the Big Buddy program for several years. Kristen said this program is near and dear to her heart and she was excited that the Gordon McKernan and the law firm was participating. Attorney Alicia Sosa enjoyed the mentor experience and indicated that her Little Buddy had so much personality and that she would love to participate in the mentor program again.

Our group of students were exposed to the many different aspects of the law firm, from the busy front desk, to our even busier accounting department. The students also enjoyed interacting with our staff in our Spanish Translation department.

The Little Buddies were in agreement that the highlight of the day was the time spent with Attorney Gordon McKernan. Mr. McKernan met with all the students and answered their many questions. The students were impressed when Mr. McKernan took a volunteer from the group and demonstrated the skills required to successfully depose a person during trial preparation.

The Day of the Mentor ended at a luncheon back at the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators, at which time, Mrs. Lizana’s student was chosen and asked to speak in front of the lunch gathering about her day’s experience. Topaz simply said, “Get Gordon, Get it Done!”