Gordon McKernan Speaks at Ascension Alternative School | Darrow, LA

Melissa Zeller, a teacher at Ascension Parish Alternative School, (APAS), in Darrow, Louisiana, recently contacted the Baton Rouge office of Gordon McKernan and the McKernan Law Firm regarding a request from her Pre-GED students. It seems her students had expressed to her their desire to have attorney Gordon McKernan speak before their class on Career Day.

Mr. McKernan was more than happy to accommodate, and he along with Ellen Simon, Senior Litigation Paralegal, and Morgan Scala, Social Media Director, spent Career Day in Darrow answering questions put forth by Ms. Zeller’s diverse group.

The students enjoyed Gordon McKernan’s PowerPoint presentation and learned a lot from him about what skills they would need to master to help them be successful in their future employment. They enjoyed asking the personal injury attorney questions about verdicts and settlements that the McKernan Law Firm has obtained. Gordon appreciated the opportunity to explain to the students how his faith has contributed to his own personal success.

Gordon encouraged the students to attend classes regularly and to take advantage of the resources that APAS offers.

APAS Principal Jerry Ellie indicated that the Ascension Parish Alternative School houses two programs available to the students: The Discipline Center and The Pre-GED / Skills Options Program which provides a positive, meaningful learning experience for students who have not been successful in traditional school settings