Gordon: The Man Behind The Blog

It seems that blogs have become a part of our culture. It is a way that people with common interest can share thoughts and experiences.
Recently, Gordon challenged his marketing team to try our hand at blogging. We found that what we thought would be an easy task, working together to come up with an idea for a post that may interest the people who enjoy reading Gordon’s blog turned out to be much tougher than we realized.

Finally, as our deadline neared, after tossing around a few ideas, we agreed to write about a subject that was familiar to all of us. Our topic …. the man himself, our boss. We quickly agreed that we did not want to write about Gordon the business man, but instead we wanted to explore and discover who was, Gordon the family man? We knew we had to enlist the help of a few people that know him personally, so we contacted two of Gordon’s children, Meredith and Charlotte and asked them to give us an idea as to who the “real” Gordon McKernan is and what he is like at home, away from work.

Both girls agreed that their father’s strong Christian faith defines him. Both Gordon and their mom Shannon actively attend weekly Bible study and the family attends weekly services at their church where Gordon is a lay leader. Meredith explained that as long as she can remember, her dad has instilled in her and her siblings appreciation of their “blessings” and to be appreciative of God’s gifts and grace. She added that “family” is a top priority with her dad, and went on to add how Gordon often assumes the role of the chef and enjoys preparing meals for their family to sit down and enjoy together. She explains how her dad encourages each child to contribute to dinner conversation, and she enjoys her dad’s funny stories, and his great sense of humor. Meredith credits her parents as being great role models and thinks that the support and nourishment they have provided has helped her conquer obstacles that she has experienced in life.

Charlotte, an athlete herself, describes her dad as a weekend warrior, whose love of running is becoming a family event, as the family often accompanies and supports him as he competes in local marathons. Charlotte shares her dad’s love of sports and enjoys attending LSU games with him where they usually meet up pre-game with their extended family consisting of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and long-time family friends.

The girls laugh when they describe the bond that exist between their dad and their mischievous dog, Elle, who, when she is not sitting in Gordon’s lap, can probably be found chewing up a family member’s favorite shoe or electronic component.
The girls agreed that the best way to describe their father is to say he is a person of deep faith, who loves his wife and kids, and tends to work and play hard. A person who appreciates art, and enjoys a good book. A world traveler who enjoys a good laugh, and values time spent with family and friends.

After reviewing this blog, we came to the conclusion that Gordon the “family” man is much the same person as Gordon the “business” man. The biggest revelation that came to light? Who knew the guy could cook?