Minimum Impact Car Wreck Settles for $300,000 | Aggravates Herniated Disk Injuries

Attorney Richard Zimmerman, III and Gordon McKernan represent a 38-year-old electrician who was driving his car on LA Highway 946 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He came to a complete stop waiting to make a left turn when he was rear-ended by another person. The total damage to our client’s vehicle was $800.

Our client had a long history of treating for pre-existing back pain due to a herniated disk at the L4-5 level. He was receiving medical treatment for the same when he was involved in the car wreck. After the accident he had an MRI, which did not show a change in his pre-existig herniated disk. However, our client argued that the accident aggravated his symptoms and increased his pain greatly, which in turn he was no longer able to avoid surgery.

As a result of the accident and severe pain, the plaintiff underwent a minimally invasive lumbar hemilaminectomy. The defendants contested causation arguing that the plaintiff had a history of chronic back pain and no change in the MRI post-accident. The case was resolved at mediation for $300,000.

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