Baton Rouge Neurologist Donates Helmets For Bike Giveaway!

December 14, 2012

I am happy to share with you that Baton Rouge Neurologist, Dr. Charles Kaufman has donated 94 helmets to go along with the 94 bikes I’m giving away for Christmas. Each child who wins a bike will get a free helmet.

Dr. Kaufman and I are friends, so I wasn’t surprised to see him calling me the other day, but what I was surprised about was what he had to say. Dr. Kaufman generously offered to donate the 94 helmets. “This bike give away is an excellent program for the children of our community, not just to give them a bike, but to promote healthy behaviors and activity in our young people”.

As a practicing neurologist, Dr. Kaufman is all too familiar with the history of neurological injuries from bicycle accidents and feels it’s only natural for a neurologist to make this type of donation. “These helmets are made to prevent neurological harm and that’ what I hope to do. I also hope to see your bike program continue to grow in our community for years to come”.

This will be a great addition to all the children that win a bike. A very special thank you to Dr. Kaufman for his generous donation of these helmets!

Be safe and wear your helmets!

God Bless,


For additional information about Dr. Kaufman’s practice please visit his website.