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Nursing home neglect and abuse of the elderly living in nursing homes is a serious problem. Unfortunately, many elderly folks living in homes or rehabilitation facilities are the victims of abuse or neglect by those who are supposed to be taking care of their needs. What can you do you if you suspect that a friend or loved one is being mistreated? Confirm Your Suspicions There are a few ways that you can confirm your suspicions. One thing that you can do is to make an unannounced visit to the facility to check on someone who you think is being abused. A good nursing home will be happy to see you whenever you drop in. However, if someone has something to hide, they may try to keep you away until they can hide whatever it is that they are doing. Another thing that you can do is provide the person who you are trying to protect with a secret cell phone that can be used to call you if something happens. Contact the Police If you have evidence that a crime has been committed, you should contact the police and present your case. The authorities will discretely monitor the situation to determine what is going on and if anyone can be punished for their actions. In some cases, the abuse or neglect could be carried out by one rogue staff member who everyone will be happy to see gone. Connect With Advocacy Groups in Your Area There may be independent groups in your area that provide support for those who are having trouble getting a nursing home to cooperate with a nursing home neglect investigation. In the event that the police cannot prove that anything is happening or witnesses refuse to testify, having the help of an outside group could enable you to get to the bottom of whatever is happening to your friend or family member. Contact Us  After it has been established that a crime is taking place, you should contact an attorney to file a lawsuit against the nursing home. You may be able to sue for pain and suffering that the elderly person suffered as well as reimbursement for any funds that you paid the nursing home to provide care and other services. Nursing home neglect is a serious issue that our attorneys do not take lightly. If you believe that someone you know is being neglected or abused, do not hesitate to contact the Gordon McKernan Law Firm. We will be more than happy to look into the case and try to provide justice for those who cannot defend themselves.