Personal Injury Attorney in Lafayette, LA

Lafayette, Louisiana, is a special city, located along the Vermillion River in the southwestern part of the state. More than 120,000 people think it’s a fine place to live and work. So do the attorneys at the Gordon McKernan Law Firm in Lafayette. so much so that they are involved in a program called Gordon Gives. It means that the firm’s attorneys are dedicated not only to providing the best in law services, but they are dedicated to giving back to the community as well. They not only want to give back, but they feel it is their responsibility to do so. With that as a driving force, the McKernan attorneys have been able to help in certain special ways, such as sending a baseball team to their world series after the team’s money was stolen or donating TVs to hospitals in the area.

When the McKernan firm is not helping the community, it turns to the basic job of giving clients the very best in experienced and professional services. This Louisiana-based personal injury firm is committed to recovering the best possible compensation in many areas of the law. They handle a variety of claims, including car wrecks. A serious car wreck not only involves injury and possible loss of a vehicle, but it usually becomes a complex problem that means a detailed investigation and dealings with an insurance company. The McKernan attorneys guarantee that if they handle your car accident, they will first and foremost fight to protect your rights.

The McKernan firm also handles wrong death cases. These accidents, which are unexpected and may involve the loss of a loved one, are traumatic events for a family. McKernan attorneys have long assisted many families who have lost loved ones in such an expected way. They will explore your legal options and assist you in obtaining the fullest compensation.

As a Personal Injury Attorney in Lafayette, LA, the McKernan firm is well experienced in cases that result in physical or mental harm because of another’s negligence. In addition to physical problems, most people involved in a personal injury case have to deal with medical bills, possible lost wages, and pain and suffering. Especially in such cases, you need an experienced personal injury attorney who can deal with insurance companies whose goal is usually to settle the case with the least amount of money.

At McKernan, we also handle court cases involving maritime accidents, explosions and fires, product recalls, and Social Security problems. Don’t try to suffer through anger, fear, and pain by yourself in dealing with any of these cases. Let a Personal Injury Attorney in Lafayette, LA assist you. Our success rate for our accepted cases is more than 99%. Come to us for a free initial consultation. In addition, there are no attorney’s fees or expenses until the case is settled. We have represented people all over the state of Louisiana, and if we accept your case, you become our first priority. If you have a legal problem in Lafayette, call us. We want to help.