Summer Safety Advice From A Lafayette Personal Injury Lawyer

As we approach one of the biggest holidays of the summer season, the Fourth of July, residents across Lafayette will be preparing for outdoor gatherings with family and friends. Barbecues, bonfires, pool parties, tubing on the river, fishing and boating, are all favorite southern Louisiana summertime traditions. Unfortunately, these activities also come with risks for serious injuries from fire and water-related accidents. In addition, many will be traveling for the holiday weekend as well as driving to vacation destinations. Increased congestion and traffic on the interstates means higher potential for car wrecks. The good news is that by taking proper precautions we can all help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys we are committed to helping victims who have suffered personal injuries, and we are also passionate about helping keep our communities safer. Read these tips from a Lafayette personal injury lawyer with our law firm on staying safe this summer.

  • Take Safe Driving Seriously. Holiday parties and BBQ’s often involve enjoying alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, this can mean drivers under the influence behind the wheel and an increase in DUIs. Remember to always designate a driver if you plan on drinking at an event. Even if you’ve only had a drink or two, make sure you have a plan to get home for the safety of yourself and everyone else on the road. If you are hurt in a drunk driving related car crash, a Lafayette personal injury lawyer can protect your rights.
  • Check Your Child Car Seats. Safe driving habits include ensuring that all passengers are buckled up in the car and especially making sure your children’s car seat and booster seats are installed correctly. Many car seats are unknowingly improperly secured. Get your car seat inspected by a professional before heading out on that summer road trip. Many local fire departments, state trooper stations, and hospitals offer free car seat safety checks. Visit to find out your nearest inspection location.
  • Brush Up On Fire Safety. Grilling and backyard fire pits all come with the risk of burn injuries. When cooking with fire, keep a fire extinguisher close by in the event flames get out of control. Put plenty of distance between your grill and the house when in use, and make sure to move it away from dry grass, bushes and low overhanging tree branches that could catch on fire. Always supervise children and keep them away from the grill area and store propane tanks safely out of reach.
  • Secure Your Pool. Swimming pools offer great relief on those hot Louisiana summer days but these can also present hazards. Reduce the risk of accidental drowning by installing safety barriers, such as a high fence and a pool gate to limit the chance that children could fall into your pool. There is the potential for liability if a child or another person accesses your swimming pool and drowns or suffers another water-related injury on your property.

Find a Trusted Lafayette Personal Injury Lawyer When You Are Injured

The team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys has handled countless personal injury cases in Lafayette and helped clients recover the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries. Summer is a carefree time to relax and enjoy outdoor fun with those you love and taking safety measures can help reduce accidents. But personal injuries from premises liability accidents, car wrecks, slip and falls can still happen. And when they do and you are hurt through no fault of your own, the experts at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys are here for you. A Lafayette personal injury lawyer can advise you of what your rights are and if your accident warrants legal action. Our skilled Lafayette injury attorneys will work with you to establish a personal injury case and make sure you receive fair compensation for your losses and pain and suffering. Contact a Lafayette personal injury lawyer at 337-999-9999 today to discuss your accident completely free of charge. You won’t pay us any fee