Think Pink, Think Breast Cancer Awareness

It seems like each October, everything around is becoming more “pink,” you see everyone including pro athletes participating in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing pink. I noticed while I was watching NFL football last Sunday night that even the referees are wearing pink in addition to the players and their flags that they carry in their back pockets are a bright florescent pink. As the pink has spread representing the disease over the years, so has the awareness. According to National Breast Cancer Foundation, when detected early the 5- year survival rate is 98%, it is so detrimental to a woman’s health to be regularly checked to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  For me, it’s a scary thought knowing the potential of my wife, mother, or sister who could be victim of the deadly disease.

This year, I am sponsoring the Divas de la Nuit Social Club which is a five-year-old, nonprofit organization in the local Baton Rouge area. On October 26, 2013 Southern University is hosting their Homecoming festivities on campus and the Divas de la Nuit will be present and wearing pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Everyone who can participate in the activities should attend.

What some of us don’t realize is that Louisiana is #1 in the nation in breast cancer death rates. Geaux Pink is a signature awareness and fundraising program that encourages individuals, schools, businesses and sports teams to join in the fight against cancer during October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All funds raised from these events will directly support cancer awareness, early detection, and screening programs in our local community.