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Not everyone works behind a desk or even in the comfort of his or her own home; in fact, many people in America work in production, electric, construction, or any other job that could require hard labor. However, no matter where you work, you are still doing what you can to make a living, and when you get injured on the job, it can open a whole can of worms. You could have a lasting or even temporary disability, which would lower your ability to work and provide for yourself and your family. This is when you should have a tough group of workers comp attorneys in Lafayette to back you up and take on this kind of stress for you. Contact the Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys and see what they can do for you! Here’s a closer look!

Getting Injured On The Job

When you work so hard for something, it’s a big let down to have it leave you with pain and medical bills. Not only are you experiencing lost wages by spending time healing from your injury, but you are also having to spend money to pay your medical bills and get better. Plus, your injury may cause lasting effects that may limit the work you will be able to do. When you have the Gordon McKernan Law Firm to back you up, the process can be made so much easier than trying to handle it alone. Gordon McKernan has years of experience with these particular cases and has the knowledge and skills to help you get the maximum compensation that you deserve. Just visit their website to learn more about how to build your case for workers’ compensation.


Gordon McKernan and his team of attorneys have been winning cases for their clients for over twenty years, and they’ve become pretty confident in their work. The McKernan Firm has recovered large cash settlements for their clients in several different types of cases. In fact, the firm has recovered over ninety million dollars in settlements and verdicts over the years, and they literally promise their clients that if they don’t win your case, then you don’t owe them a dime!

, Workers Comp Attorneys in Lafayette

Personal Injury Services

Personal injuries could occur from several different forms of accidents and incidents. This includes car wrecks, big truck accidents, premises liability, and even slip and fall accidents. All of these have at least one thing in common: someone was acting careless or didn’t consider the other lives at hand. Maybe someone was texting, or a big truck driver didn’t check all of his or her blind spots, or maybe there was no “Wet Floor” caution sign. Whatever the situation, you ended up hurt when it was not your fault. It’s important to have an experienced lawyer for these types of accidents, especially big truck accidents. These accidents can often occur from truck driver fatigue, overweight or improper loading, truck driver deadlines, truck maintenance, or even falsified logbooks. These are often factors that the Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys will investigate in order to get you some compensation. In order to stand up to these companies, it’s important that you contact the McKernan firm right away so that they can immediately send their people to the accident scene and get as much information as possible. This will aid greatly in your case, and the McKernan Injury Attorneys will be with you every step of the way to help you recover from this devastating occurrence, no matter which form it came in.

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