Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Lafayette Explains Coverage Rights and Responsibilities

Lafayette workers and employers are both protected by the state’s workers’ compensation laws. The purpose of workers’ compensation is to ensure that employees who are injured while on the job have avenues to receive financial and vocational support during their recovery. All companies who have employees in Louisiana, with very specific exceptions, are legally required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance or be approved as self-insured. In most cases, workers’ comp coverage begins the first day of employment. All work statuses are covered by workers’ compensation, so part-time, seasonal staff and minors are all eligible for benefits if they are hurt not only full-time employees. A few notable exemptions to workers’ comp benefits include volunteers, most real estate brokers, certain non-profit directors, and public officials. Everyone is entitled to a safe and healthy working environment and the goal of mandating coverage is to ensure employers are held accountable for protecting the wellbeing of their workers.

Lafayette Workers’ Compensation Rights and Responsibilities

Many Lafayette workers may not be familiar with what types of injuries workers’ comp laws covers. Physical and mental injuries and illnesses that are sustained on the job are covered under Louisiana workers’ compensation. Psychological injuries are more complex and must be proven to have been a direct result of a physical injury or unexpected and exceptional stressful incident while performing your job duties. Workers who develop diseases because of occupational exposure or working conditions may also be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. Vocational retraining is also a benefit for workers whose injuries prevent them from returning to their previous role or job functions. A key factor in workers’ compensation injuries is that the employee was not at fault. It is also important to understand that with these benefits, both workers and employers have responsibilities to follow the appropriate steps in reporting and documenting the accident. Workers should immediately alert their supervisor of the accident and injuries when it happens and employers must report the injury claim to the state workers’ comp agency within 10 days of learning about the incident. Prompt communication and accurate documentation of a workplace injury is critical to begin the claims process as soon as possible and, if necessary, contact a workers’ comp lawyer in Lafayette to make sure you receive adequate compensation. Many times, workers find themselves struggling to get the benefits they are rightfully due because of delays and denials from their employers’ insurance companies. When this happens to you, don’t be intimidated and don’t be deterred from fighting for the benefits you have earned.

How a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Lafayette Can Help Protect You

Unfortunately, employees may be concerned that fighting back against their employer and the big insurance companies could put their job at risk. This fear often leads to workers facing financial hardships with little to no support. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Lafayette with extensive knowledge of the law can help provide the legal expertise you need to get a settlement amount that you need to fully recover. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we know that after being hurt at work your focus is on healing and getting back to work. Our Lafayette attorneys want to help relieve some of the stress and worry you feel during your recovery by making sure you are compensated fairly. Let Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys take care of the paperwork and legal processes for your Lafayette workers’ compensation case. Call our personal injury law firm today at 337-999-9999 to discuss your work-related injury with a workers’ comp lawyer in Lafayette.