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Being involved in a wrongful death accident can be a traumatizing event. Gordon McKernan Injury Lawyers can help you. Wrongful death cases can be very complex and the insurance companies have the resources needed to investigate an accident to help minimize what they will have to pay. Our lawyers at Gordon McKernan Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to recover every dollar you deserve for your personal injury case. When you find yourself in need medical attention due to emotional stress or if you’re unable to work because the circumstances of the accident, resulting in you being unable to pay your bills, we are here for you. 

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Wrongful deaths have many factors involved, and Gordon McKernan Law Firm have the expert resources that are needed to investigate the complexities of your wrongful death. The dedicated Gordon McKernan Law Firm see people every day that are fighting to recover from physical, emotional, and financial heartache after devastating a wrongful death. We guarantee that you will never be charged any fees unless we successfully win your case. Our unbelievable success rate of 99% for cases that we’ve taken on shows how devoted and committed the lawyers at Gordon McKernan Law Firm are to making sure you and your family is completely taken care of. Hire the best wrongful death lawyers in Shreveport at Gordon McKernan Law Firm and you will get outstanding protection as well as paying no money for us to represent you until we win your case through settlement or trial. Since serving Shreveport and surrounding areas, we have handled hundreds of big truck accident cases yearly resulting in over 25 million dollars in damages recovered for our clients. Big trucks on the road today include 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, tractor trailers, flat beds, tank trucks, delivery trucks, box trucks and dump trucks, and wrecks with these types of vehicles are increasing year after year because of unsafe practices by the organizations and drivers. These types of accidents can be exponentially more dangerous than wrongful deaths because of the sheer size and weight of these trucks. This also contributes to the difficulty and the more effort it takes to maneuver than normal passenger vehicles. When you’re faced with the unfortunate event of a wrongful death it can be a stressful task finding the right lawyer while also dealing with the emotional aftermath of the accident. But you don’t have to look far, Gordon McKernan Law Firm in Shreveport are just who you need to in the one of the most critical periods in your life thus far. They are skilled and have practiced in every situation from car accidents to more serious circumstances such as wrongful deaths. The Gordon McKernan Law Firm has a combined legal experience of representing wrongful death victims and their families in Louisiana and Texas for over 20 years with an overwhelming amount of success recovering what’s owed to their clients. Gordon McKernan Law Firm’s mission is to hold big corporations and negligent parties accountable for the tragic decision they unfortunately made that impacted the lives of innocent citizens of Shreveport. This mission has been instilled through out the entire firm and will continue to be fulfilled for years to come. 


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The lawyers at the Gordon McKernan Law Firm’s number one priority is to make sure the health of you and your family are completely taken care of and to do our best to ensure that all of your needs are met now and in the future when the case has ceased to exist. Don’t hesitate any longer. Contact our associates at Gordon McKernan Law Firm on our 24/7 online live chat now and let us fight for you.