Productos Defectuoso

Producto Defectuoso / Abogados de Responsabilidad del producto en Louisiana Cuando se compra un producto, tú tienes ciertos derechos y expectaciones como consumidor. Tienes derecho a la seguridad cuando usas el artículo que has comprado. Los fabricantes de estos productos tienen la responsabilidad de asegurar de que el producto ha sido rigurosamente probado y aprobado…

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Baton Rouge

Caution Tape Accident

When purchasing a product, you have certain rights and expectations as a consumer. You are entitled to safety when using the item you’ve purchased. The developers of these products have the responsibility to ensure that the product has been rigorously tested and passed numerous safety inspections. Unfortunately, when a product is deemed defective, it can…

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Defective Products

Woman Face in Hands

When someone buys a product, they rely on an implied guarantee from the manufacturers and marketers of that product that it’s generally safe, or if it’s not safe, that they’ll be warned. However, in the pursuit of profit, some companies neglect to make their product safe, or fail to warn consumers about its dangers. Victims…

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