Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?


The law is a complicated system that requires expertise and know-how. The consequences of trying to handle the big insurance companies on your own with the potential of court costs may end up costing more than hiring a lawyer in the first place. Having a skilled, experienced attorney can help assure that your case goes smoothly. Hiring Legal Help for …

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Safer Roads: Texting and Driving Laws in Louisiana


Texting and driving accidents are the leading cause of death for teens, and it is the cause for 64 percent (more than half) of road accidents that happen in the U.S. Our state government has been actively passing texting and driving laws in Louisiana and increasing fines to make local roads safer. Distracted driving laws aim to prevent texting and …

Celebrating Black History Month


February is a time for us to celebrate the achievements of African Americans and the central role of they played in the history of the United States. As a way of recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of local African American business owners, we are giving away gift cards that can be used at their businesses. These gift cards will be …

Get a Lawyer in Shreveport at McKernan Injury Attorneys


Have you or someone you know been in an accident recently? Have you been mistreated or are you facing a fight for workers’ compensation benefits? You may feel helpless and even a little bit alone. Finding the right lawyer can be a roller coaster ride and if you aren’t careful, you may find yourself spending more time trying to find …

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Gordon McKernan to Build New Office Next to the Marriott


G. Gordon plans to break ground on a new office near the Baton Rouge Marriott on Hilton Avenue. He acquired the 1.1 acre piece of land back in September after he decided that its location near Interstate 10 between the Marriott and Best Western Hotel were perfect for business. With the firm continuing to grow, they have outgrown their current 14,000 square-foot building. These …

Truckers: Will You Be Home for the Holidays?


There are many jobs now that require people to be away from their families during the holidays. The trucking business is no exception. With demanding hours, stressful deadlines, delivery times and extra loads, December can be extra trying for truckers out in the field. There are many variables that determine whether truckers will be able to spend the holidays at …