Can Bair Hugger Cause Hypotension?

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The Bair Hugger is a device made by 3M that is used to keep patients warm during surgery. While under anesthesia and receiving surgery, the body can lose heat quickly if unmanaged, leading to hypothermia, a serious condition that can lead to severe complications and even death. Some of these complications include pulmonary edema, oliguria, areflexia, coma, bradycardia, and hypotension, or a sudden drop in blood pressure.

While forced air rewarming devices, like the Bair Hugger, are designed to mitigate these risks, the Bair Hugger can lead to hypotension during while the body warms, possibly because of peripheral vasodilation, or a dilation of the arteries and veins of the limbs. Luckily, the risk for hypotension while using a Bair Hugger is low, but that’s not the only risk of the device.

Numerous lawsuits have been brought against 3M alleging that Bair Hugger use during invasive surgeries has led to deep-tissue infection. Patients who received knee replacements and hip replacements have reported developing serious infections after their surgery, and required further surgery to remedy the infection—in some cases, including amputation.

If you contracted an infection after a hip or knee replacement surgery, you could be entitled to financial compensation through a personal injury or mass tort claim. Call the defective medical device injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys for a free legal consultation about your case.