How long will the 3M earplug lawsuit take?

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Over a quarter-million veterans and active-duty service members have been partially or fully deafened by faulty earplugs manufactured by 3M. Because of this harm, a number of lawsuits have been filed against 3M, alleging that their negligence directly caused these service men and women to experience hearing loss. If you’ve experienced hearing loss because of a faulty 3M earplug, you could be entitled to compensation.

However, your damages, including medical costs, lost wages, and others, are building up now. You may be thinking: “Just how long will this 3M earplug lawsuit take?” While the discovery process, the longest part of the lawsuit, can take years, individual trials can take weeks or months. The first 3M bellwether trial, or a trial selected to give an idea of how others might proceed, took place in 2021.

It’s likely that a global settlement in the 3M earplug mass tort cases could be reached in 1–2 years, or by 2024. Of course, no outcome is guaranteed, so if you’ve been injured due to defective 3M earplugs, you need a compassionate and experienced mass tort lawyer to help you explore your legal options and get you the compensation you deserve. Call Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys for a free legal consultation today.