Free Cab Rides for Local Baton Rouge Residents | Gordon McKernan 2012
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Free Cab Rides for Local Baton Rouge Residents | Gordon McKernan 2012

Posted On December 13, 2012
Author: Gordon McKernan

December 12, 2012


I’m proud to announce that I will be sponsoring the “Tipsy Taxi” again this year. What is Tipsy Taxi you may ask? It’s a FREE taxi ride home for any Baton Rouge resident who has had too much to drink. These free rides are available on December 24, 25, 31 and January 1 from 9 pm – 5 am.

Many people ask me why I do this program each year and how it got started. As a personal injury attorney, I often see the devastation that drunken driving accidents can cause. Knowing how often and how serious these accidents can be I wanted to do something to help decrease the number of alcohol related accidents in our community. Because this is a time of year that there is an increase in the number of people drinking and driving, I wanted to do something, but wasn’t sure what to do. Then my family and I were out of town, and I saw a business sponsoring this type of program and “voila” the light bulb went off.

I’m proud to sponsor this program again this year and to do what I can to help reduce the number of drunken driving accidents in our community.
Please drink responsibly and either designate a driver or call 225-926-1234 for a free ride home.

God Bless and Happy Holidays!