Funniest Cargo Spills from Big Trucks
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Funniest Cargo Spills from Big Trucks

Posted On October 31, 2013
Author: Gordon McKernan

Big truck accidents can easily result in spilled goods, chemicals or other materials. Sometimes the Department of Environmental Quality or other hazmat crew is called out to clean up spills containing dangerous chemicals or materials to protect the public from injury. But sometimes, the spills aren’t dangerous … they are just funny! The 10 Most Bizarre Cargo Spills:

  1. Tons of Mackeral –A truck in Northern Ireland overturned in a farmer’s field, literally spilling tons of fresh mackerel into acres of his land. In some areas, the mackerel were two feet deep or more!
  2. 2,184 Cases of Beer—This accident took place in the Netherlands after a woman driving her car crossed the median, causing a Grolsch beer truck to swerve out the way and overturn. Both the truck driver and the woman walked away unharmed, but 2,184 cases of Grolsch beer spilled all over the road. Onlookers described the scene as a “sea of beer.”
  3. Doughnuts—In Chicago, Illinois, a truck carrying 20 tons of baked goods was involved in an accident, causing chocolate doughnuts, cake and cinnamon rolls to spill all over the highway.
  4. One ton of cocaine—In Bogota, Columbia a drug gang’s truck overturned, spilling bags of cocaine all over the road. It was supposedly hidden in the walls and roof.
  5. 29,000 Rubber Ducks—Although this one happened on a barge, it’s definitely worth mentioning. The boxes of ducks fell out of a cargo ship and have been floating for 17,000 miles landing in Hawaii and the Artic.
  6. 40,000 lbs. of Ice Cream—A semitrailer in Indiana tipped over trying to travel on a ramp to merge onto the interstate. Cartons of vanilla, caramel crunch and other flavors spilled out onto the interstate.
  7. 14 Million bees—A delivery truck hauling bees and honey overturned in Idaho, causing 14 million bees to escape and spilling sticky honey all over the road. It took two days to clean up the honey from the highway.
  8. Shoes—Mysteriously, before 8 a.m. in Miami, thousands of shoes with yard sale price tags were spilled all over the road. This caused the expressway to be closed down for hours while crews cleaned up the mess. No one claimed the shoes.
  9. $80,000 in Bull Semen—Four vats of the stuff fell from a truck and shut down an interstate in Tennessee. Experts in cattle breeding estimated the worth to be around $80,000.
  10. Two Million in Euro Coins—Motorists brought traffic to a standstill as they grabbed handfuls of coins in southern Italy when a truck overturned hauling two million Euros. At least 10,000 Euros were stolen before police arrived.