Denham Springs

tilting MPH sign from hurricane winds

Our team of experts knows the significant damage hurricanes can cause to homes and businesses in Denham Springs, Louisiana, which is located in Livingston Parish. Denham Springs has been affected by 17 hurricanes since 1930, with an average of one hurricane every 6.4 years. These hurricanes have caused an estimated $316 million in property damage…

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Denham Springs Explosion Lawyer


Heavy industry is the beating heart of Louisiana’s state economy. Whether they’re refining petroleum, processing chemicals, or manufacturing other materials, industrial businesses and their employees provide millions of dollars of value to the state’s economy and power our lives. Industrial jobs are also stable, good-paying careers for Denham Springs-area workers and their families. However, profits…

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Denham Springs Nursing Home Lawyer

Old Lady Hands

Have you or a family member been abused in a Denham Springs nursing home, either intentionally or accidentally? When residents are harmed by nursing home employees’ negligence, oversight, or abuse, those victims and their families could be entitled to financial compensation. When people are placed under the care of a nursing home, that home bears…

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Denham Springs Motorcycle Lawyer

Motorcycle on Highway

A motorcycle accident can permanently change your life. The lasting effects of the injuries from your accident can haunt you for years—not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and even financially as well. If your motorcycle crash injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence, you deserve remuneration for your injuries from the guilty party. This…

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Denham Springs Slip Injury Lawyer

Sign showing warning of wet floor on wet floor

The responsibility of the property owner for injuries sustained on their property is referred to as premises liability under Louisiana’s personal injury law. With no exception, property owners in Louisiana are required to keep their properties maintained as well as uphold a certain level of safety. If not, a slip and fall accident can occur…

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Denham Springs Industrial Lawyer

industrial plant

If you live or work in Louisiana, you likely know someone, or are someone, who works in the industrial sector. Louisiana is among the top states for energy products—we’re second for crude oil production and third for natural gas—and a number of other heavy manufacturing and industrial plants call Louisiana home. While these industries provide…

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Denham Springs Maritime Lawyer

oil rig

Being a gulf state, Louisiana’s economy depends on the water: from the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, to the thriving ports along the Mississippi, and the thousands of fishing, shipping, and other maritime businesses provide thousands of well-paying jobs to hard workers in our state. Of course, working on the water can be…

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Denham Springs Work Comp Lawyer

work injury claim paper

If you’ve been injured at work in Denham Springs and left unable to work as a result, you could be eligible for compensation under Louisiana’s Workers’ Compensation Act. However, actually receiving these benefits can seem like an uphill battle, due to unhelpful insurance, a reluctant workplace, and other factors. If you’re struggling to receive the…

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Denham Springs Wrongful Death Lawyer


Losing a family member or other loved one due to an injury, accident, or sudden illness is one of the most difficult ordeals a person can experience. If you’re currently mourning the loss of your loved one, we offer our heartfelt condolences for your loss. Wrongful death accidents in Louisiana happen so suddenly that they…

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Denham Springs Car Wreck Lawyer

car accident blurred

Denham Springs is a small, charming town off of I-12 just east of Baton Rouge. Even though it may be quiet and peaceful, over 250 people have been involved in fatal accidents within Denham Springs since 1975. Relative to the town’s population, this makes Denham Springs’s crash rate much higher than the Louisiana state average.…

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Denham Springs Truck Wreck Lawyer

truck driving on highway

Denham Springs sits at the intersections of two busy east-west highways, US 190 and Interstate 12. A thriving city in its own right, Denham Springs is situated in Livingston Parish between Baton Rouge and Hammond. While businesses are booming and the population is growing, traffic issues continue to increase. With current technological advancements, cars are…

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