Memorial Day Safety
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Memorial Day Safety

Posted On May 14, 2018
Author: Gordon McKernan

Memorial Day typically signifies the start of a hectic driving season – summer!  The kids are out of school and families begin going on much-needed vacations. Over five years ago, one of the reasons I began our free car seat giveaways were the numerous accidents that I saw families involved in during this busy driving holiday.  In our practice, we have seen many people injured during this time of the year, including some of the most fragile clients, children. In researching car seats, we were surprised to find that they have expiration dates!  Parents should also be aware that if an unfortunate accident occurs, their child’s car seat should be replaced.

  1. Make sure all passengers are appropriately buckled in
  2. Any child under 12 should be in the back seat
  3. Avoid using a cell phone while behind the wheel
  4. Allow plenty of travel time
  5. Drive defensively
  6. Refrain from driving if drowsy
  7. Designate a ‘non-drinking’ driver – even moderate consumption of alcohol impairs the reaction time and driving judgment