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Industrial Accident Lawyers in Monroe, Louisiana

Louisiana is a powerhouse when it comes to oil refineries and is home to some of the largest in the entire world. In addition to refining oil, Louisiana produces the second most crude oil in the country and the third most natural gas. Energy isn’t the only sector that prospers in the state, as leading steel companies base their manufacturing operations here as well.

Many of the jobs in these industries involve dangerous conditions. Hard-working men and women often sustain injuries due to inadequate safety protocols, oversight, lack of proper training, lack of appropriate protective equipment, and outdated facilities that contribute to hazardous working environments.

Companies frequently focus on increasing their profits, and in doing so, do not take proper responsibility for the safety of their workers. Industrial jobs are among the riskiest concerning injury and death, which means negligence by an employer can be catastrophic. Oil refinery explosions, chemical plant injuries from exposure to toxic gases and materials, and construction site injuries involving heavy machinery are just a few of the kinds of accidents that can occur in this field.

Hire an Industrial and Plant Injury Attorney in Monroe

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Monroe represents victims that are involved with some of the most severe plant and industrial accidents in the country. Our firm has lawyers practicing near many of Louisiana’s most active industrial regions. With local roots, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have home advantage. We are familiar with the industrial plants, the area as well as Louisiana laws.

Our industrial injury lawyers have the expertise that is necessary to understand the ins and outs of Louisiana’s complex drilling, refinery, and manufacturing operations. Our plant accident attorneys have been handling cases involving severe injury and illnesses, wrongful death involving fires, explosions, chemical leaks and hazardous exposure for decades. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Monroe isn’t afraid to take on the massive oil and gas corporations and major industrial manufacturers, as they have the knowledge and resources to win.

Our team of industrial accident attorneys at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have recovered billions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for plant and industrial accidents, offshore platform and dock injuries, refinery accidents, and construction injuries, and we have been doing so for over 25 years. Our litigators are aggressive and will go to war with large corporations to get you and your family fair compensation for your losses.

If you or a loved one were involved in a plant or refinery injury, contact our law firm at 318-716-3888 to meet with an industrial accident attorney for a free, confidential consultation.

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Settlements & Verdicts – Workers’ Compensation

Construction worker severely injured on the job
Accident claims elderly parents
A St. James Parish Jury on Tuesday awarded more than $1 million to the children of a Vacherie couple killed in a car accident.
Construction worker severely injured on the job
18 Wheeler Wreck in Walker, LA
Client rear ended by an 18 wheeler at a red light in Walker, LA. Resulted in disc injuries to the client requiring surgery. Case settled for $600,000.
Construction worker severely injured on the job
18 Wheeler Wreck resulted in Head, Neck, and Back pain
Client was in an accident with an 18 wheeler resulting in head, neck and back pain. Case settled for $125,000.
Construction worker severely injured on the job
An explosion on boat causes burns on 70% of seaman’s body.
Oil rig worker settles for $6 million after suffering extensive facial fractures and brain damage.
Construction worker severely injured on the job
Airplane crash resulted in paraplegia
Our client was involved in an airplane crash that resulted in paraplegia.
Construction worker severely injured on the job
18 Wheeler Tow Truck
18 Wheeler Tow Truck incident due to mishandling resulted in injuries to our client and a case settlement of $200,000. Handled by Attorney Richard Zimmerman.

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