My First 50K Ultra-Marathon | Gordon McKernan
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My First 50K Ultra-Marathon | Gordon McKernan

Posted On August 6, 2012
Author: Gordon McKernan

I’ve been reading about Ultra running and have learned that Ultramarathons are growing in popularity all over the world.  By definition, an ultramarathon is any sporting event involving running longer than the traditional marathon length of 26.21 miles and the races are usually run off-road on trails.  From what I’ve read, ultramarathoners experience demanding, torturous and extreme physical challenges, and their secret to achieving the goal of finishing …. train your mind as well as your body.

After finishing my last “official”  run in Nevada’s desert in June, running an Ultramarathon intrigued me, so I started looking for an Ultramarathon in my area and read about the upcoming “Big Butts Ultra Marathon” in Clinton, Mississippi.   The Big Butts Hiking and Bicycle Trail Park is a popular destination for trail bike enthusiasts, and Clinton, Mississippi, is not too far from Jackson.

The race description read, “This single mile loop plus five 6-mile loops comprise the 50K course of the single track trails of Butts Park.  Course support will be minimal with ice, water and Gatorade at two aid stations, one station located at the start/finish line and one at the …3-mile mark of the loop.  Runners must have their own hydration devices and it’s recommended that they bring bug spray, sunscreen, electrolyte replacement tablets, a hat and friends.” …  I was hooked!