Night Before Big Butts Ultramarathon | Gordon McKernan
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Night Before Big Butts Ultramarathon | Gordon McKernan

Posted On August 8, 2012
Author: Gordon McKernan

On the Friday evening before the race, I packed up my wife, youngest daughter, and my one-year-old bichon puppy and started driving towards Clinton, Mississippi.  We had plans to meet-up with friends in Mississippi and enjoy a pre-race dinner.

The Soulshine Pizza Factory was highly recommended by my friend Scott Robertson, and I must say the pizza and spaghetti were good!  The menu offered a variety of different pizzas such as “The Wild Bill”, “The Bob Marley”, and “The Dr. John”, coupled along with great “Blues” music and family friendly dining, … it was an enjoyable evening.

Meanwhile back at the hotel room, Elle our dog was on edge, and when we returned to the room, she spent the entire night barking loudly at every unfamiliar noise she heard.  If getting a good night’s rest was going to be this challenging, I was wondering what the trails had in store for me the next day.