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Workers comp explosion investigation law
Explosions and Fires

Explosions and Fires

other badge Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys and its attorneys have a long history of litigating cases involving explosions and fires. Explosion and Fire accident cases involve many different disciplines of law and require attorneys who are experienced in handling the complex issues involved. Often times, we have to employ experts in the field of chemical analysis, safety engineers, metalurgists, toxicologists, forensic pathologists, air modeling and many other disciplines. Because of the complexity and the stakes involved in these types of cases, a law firm with the resources, experience and ability is a must to successfully litigate this cases to conclusion. We have been involved in explosion and burn accident cases for over twenty years. We have had the privilege of representing wonderful and courageous individuals and their families. This representation includes chemical plant explosions, gas pipeline explosions, house explosions, and product explosions. Unfortunately, these explosions often times result in serious burns and sometimes death. We have successfully handled over five million dollar plus explosion cases.

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