Prevent Pedestrian Accidents This Halloween: Reminder from Our Alexandria Attorneys
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Prevent Pedestrian Accidents This Halloween: Reminder from Our Alexandria Attorneys

Posted On October 3, 2017
Author: Gordon McKernan

October is here and while parents and kids are focused on planning parties, stocking up on treats, spooky yard décor, and picking out their costumes, one important aspect of Halloween preparations that may be missed is safety. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we are here for you when you or a family member has suffered an injury through no fault of your own but we are also committed to helping make our communities safer. To help families avoid accidents this Halloween, our Alexandria attorneys offer some tips for both pedestrian and motorist safety. 

Walking or Driving on Halloween Night? Practice These Safety Habits

Supervise Children and Instruct Teens in Safety: Children should always be accompanied by an adult while trick-or-treating. For teens, make sure to educate them on pedestrian safety, including walking on the sidewalk when available and avoiding poorly lit streets. It’s also helpful to review the importance of crossing the street at corners, using crosswalk signals when available, and not running out from between cars, houses or other objects that may obstruct a driver’s view. You should also teach them to always travel in groups and never trick-or-treat alone. Costume Safety and Lights: While many popular Halloween costumes are likely going to be dark in color, it is best if you can to choose a costume made with brightly colored fabric. If you do have a darker colored costume make sure to wear reflective gear. In addition, select costumes that do not hinder your child or teen’s movement and do not wear masks or wigs that obstruct vision. Don’t Drink and Drive – Any Night of the Year: This rule applies year round but it’s still a good time for a reminder. Date for 2013 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that 26% of fatal pedestrian accidents on Halloween involved drunk driving. Halloween night will inevitably have many more adults, teens and young children walking on the roadways than other nights of the year. Having heightened awareness of this fact can help us all make responsible driving decisions to avoid unnecessary tragic accidents. Avoid Distractions: Texting, talking or using social media on a cell phone while driving can have deadly consequences but it is also illegal. While this is another safe driving habit that should be practiced year round, the risk of hitting a pedestrian because you have taken your eyes off the road is increased on Halloween night. This it also applies to those walking along roadside or even on sidewalks – teens may be especially likely to do this. If your eyes are looking down at your phone you can’t see oncoming traffic and may even accidentally step into the path of a vehicle. Pay Special Attention at Dusk and After Dark: The low light conditions of twilight and after the sun has set are particularly hazardous. Be sure to watch very carefully for children in dark costumes or clothing. Kids and adults may also be walking in the medians and entering and exiting driveways rapidly so be sure to drive slowly and use extra caution in these areas.

Our Alexandria Attorneys Can Help If You or Your Child Are Injured in an Accident

According to the advocacy group Safe Kids Worldwide, children are two times more likely to be fatally injured by a motor vehicle while walking on Halloween compared to other nights of the year. Although it may not come as a shock that there is an uptick in pedestrian injuries, especially among children and teens, on Halloween, that doesn’t mean these accidents are not preventable. If we all – drivers and walkers alike – take additional care to follow basic safety practices, many Halloween injuries and accidents could be avoided. Unfortunately, human negligence remains a fact of life and too often it can result in serious injuries and even death for innocent victims. If you or your child is hit and injured by a car, or your loved one is killed by a distracted or drunk driver, contact our Alexandria attorneys today to discuss your rights. The Get Gordon team has local injury lawyers in Alexandria, Louisiana to serve residents who have suffered an injury or wrongful death because of someone else’s negligent or careless actions. Call our law firm for a free consultation at 318-443-8888 – we’re available to discuss your personal injury claim by phone 24/7.