Quality Family Time
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Quality Family Time

Posted On October 3, 2013
Author: Gordon McKernan

I have always been very grateful for my parents and the lessons and morals they taught and instilled in me while I was growing up. One quality that has stuck with me in particular was the value of spending time as a family. I have always thought that it is important in any family to be able to come together and spend time with one another. However, as your kids grow up, I personally have found it more and more difficult to spend time as we used to.

My four kids have been such a blessing to me, but as they have grown older and matured, so have their schedules. It used to be so simple to take a family vacation here and there because everyone’s schedules were so similar when they were younger. Now, they have cheerleading practice, soccer and football practice, piano lessons, the list goes on… I have found that it is nearly impossible to get everyone in the same place for a period of time.

My wife and I have been planning for over 3 months now a trip to Disney with the kids. I am really looking forward to being able to spend time with my kids and wife at Disney World, this weekend. As my kids grow older, I realize more and more that I can’t take any time that I spend with them for granite. They are changing and maturing so quickly that any time I can spend with them I cherish and deem so valuable.

Even if you can’t take a vacation, there is a multitude of ways that you can bring your family together. Take a family walk in the evenings, play board games, watch a favorite TV show, these are things that I try to do on a weekly basis with whoever is available at my house. I find that when we spend time together, it strengthens our family.