Several Thousand Attend Together For Gospel (T4G) Conference
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Several Thousand Attend Together For Gospel (T4G) Conference

Posted On April 20, 2012
Author: Gordon McKernan

I just got back from the 2012 T4G Conference where I heard the Gospel preached powerfully by some of the best known pastors in the nation.

People from all over were in attendance, and  I very much appreciated the fellowship and had a fantastic time.
The conference was truly uplifting and this year’s message was “The Underestimated Gospel”.

For those of you not familiar with Together for Gospel, it was started in 2006 as a friendship between four pastors, whose opinions differed on issues like baptism and the charismatic gifts, but all four friends were in agreement on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This year’s conference did not disappoint and I look forward to the opportunity to attend the next conference.