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Linda Marino

Linda Marino

Position: Accounting Operating Manager

Year Joined Firm: 2010

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Direct Phone: 225.388.3100

Toll Free Phone: 888.501.7888

Fax: 225.926.1202


About Linda Marino

Linda was born in Louisiana and being a military brat, began traveling around the world at 4 years old. She came to work for Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys in 2010.
Her husband Joseph Marino and she have been happily married for over 30 years. She has a Yochon named Maximus that they adore.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, weekend-long shopping trips with her sister and exploring the United States with her husband. She has a passion for cooking, often looks through her cookbook collection, finds a dish that sounds appealing and attempts to create it.

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