63 Year Old Pipe Welder Working on Barge in Gulf

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Case Type(s): Maritime Accidents, Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

Type of Injury(ies): Back Injury, Neck, Back And/Or Shoulder Injuries, Other

Verdicts & Settlements: $250,000 Settlement

Sixty-three year old pipe welder was working on a barge in the Gulf of Mexico. While being transferred from a tug boat to the barge in a personnel basket lifted by a crane, the personnel containing basket became entrapped on equipment on the barge. Because the crane operator could not see the basket, he continued to lift it. Suddenly, the basket broke free of the barge, causing the basket to spring up. The client was thrown from the basket onto the barge deck some 15-20 feet below. The Gulf welder suffered resulting injuries to his ribs and back. A lawsuit for this welding injury case was filed in the 16th Judicial District Court thereafter.