FedEx Driver Crashes Into Pickup, Leaving 1 Dead in Lake Charles

FedEx truck wheels, close up.

At 5:00 pm on June 5, a tragic accident involving a FedEx truck and a pickup occurred on Highway 12 in Beauregard Parish. A 21-year-old operating a Fed Ex truck side swiped the Chevy Silverado when attempting to pass it illegally on the eastbound lane. While the FedEx worker and driver of the Chevy truck sustained minor injuries, the passenger riding along in the pickup died on the scene.

The occupants of the Chevy Silverado were reported to be wearing seat belts when the FedEx driver attempted the illegal pass that resulted in the loss of one of their lives. Unfortunately, no one, even those doing no wrong, is immune to the consequences of someone else’s mistake. All it took was the FedEx driver’s split-second, careless mistake to result in an irreversible tragedy that will inevitably negatively impact many lives.

Reckless driving accidents in Louisiana are not uncommon and leave many innocent people and their loved ones victimized by the consequences of someone else’s actions. Those suffering through the aftermath of a tragic truck accident are forced to deal with stressful matters like paying for hospital bills, dealing with insurance companies, and in the worst-case scenario, coping with grief. 

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