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Louisiana Car Accident Injury Lawyers

Louisiana is a growing state, especially in its major metro areas. With a growing population comes an increase in car traffic as more people are commuting to work, driving their kids to school, running errands, or going out to enjoy all that Louisiana has to offer. And with more cars on the road, Louisianans experience more traffic, longer commute times, and unfortunately, more auto accidents. 
If you’ve been in a car accident this year, you’ll need representation. The Louisiana personal injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have years of experience fighting for Louisianans involved in car wrecks in our state. Learn more about your rights by calling 888.501.7888 for a free consultation.

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What Causes Car Accidents in Louisiana?

The two major contributing factors to car accidents in Louisiana are impaired driving, especially drunk driving, and distracted driving. In your own driving, make sure never to drink or text while behind the wheel.


Alcohol-related crashes and fatalities have been on a slight rise in Louisiana over the past few years, and the average blood-alcohol content (BAC) of tested drivers has been rising. With the amount of drinking-related accidents in Louisiana, you’re likely to encounter an impaired driver sometime this year.


The Louisiana legislature has enacted laws penalizing cell phone use during driving, including texting, emailing, or using social media. Penalties for offenses include fines of up to $500, but if you’ve been hit by a distracted driver, don’t wait for the legal system to get recompense. Call Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys today.

Common Types of Car Accidents:

1. Rear-End Car Accident

Rear-end collisions are commonly caused by tailgating and failure to stop at traffic signals. Generally, these collisions result in less injury and death than some others, but you should still seek medical help if you’re in a rear-end collision to be sure.

2. Head-On Car Accident

When two automobiles collide head-on, the effective speed of the collision can be up to doubled, greatly increasing your risk for serious injury or even death. If you or someone you love has been involved in a head-on collision, call our car accident lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys today.

3. T-Bone Car Accident

A T-bone crash, where one car’s front hits the other’s side, can be extremely dangerous for the side-impacted vehicle. While bumpers, engines, and crumple zones exist on the fronts and backs of modern vehicles, a side impact is much less protected, and can often result in serious injury.

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What Are Some Common Types of Car Accident Injuries?

If you’re involved in a car wreck, hopefully, you’ll come away unscathed. However, there are a number of common injuries associated with auto accidents in Louisiana. If you’re in a car accident in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Ascension, Livingston, Zachary, Hammond, Lake Charles, and Monroe, or elsewhere in our state, be sure to look for these common damages.

Car Accident Burn Injury

Common burn symptoms are pain, redness, or blistering of the skin, hair, and internal organs. With the amount of flammable substances in autos, and the increased likelihood of friction burns in high-speed collisions, burns can be quite common.

Car Accident Child Injury

Although child safety seats and harnesses can mitigate the worst effects of car accidents, you should still monitor your children’s health closely after a collision. Children don’t or can’t always self-advocate for their pain and injuries.

Car Accident Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injury is a term that relates specifically to severe injuries of the spine, spinal cord, or brain, or to the skull or spinal bone fractures. As vehicles travel faster and depending on the type of collision you’re in, the risk for these injuries rises. Luckily, their risk is somewhat mitigated by advanced safety features in modern cars, trucks, and SUVs, but no amount of technology can guard completely against a serious brain injury or spinal injury.

Car Accident Spinal Cord Injury

While extreme spinal cord injuries, such as paralyzation and death, grab headlines, much more common spinal cord injuries can impact you for the rest of your life. These include debilitating back pain, loss of work, and other injuries that can lead to months or years of physical and psychological therapy.

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