Management Team

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Alex Ludwig

Marketing Director

Angie Williamson

Litigation Quality Assurance Manager

Brenda Hollins

Administrative Supervisor

Brett Babin

IT Director

Deonna Futral

Financial Controller

Ellen Simon

Senior Litigation Paralegal to Chet G. Boudreax

Gisele Allen

Human Resources Director

Jim Scala

General Manager

Joe Gipson

Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Causey

Quality Assurance Manager

Kizzy Parker

Settlements & Disbursements Manager

Layne LaBarthe

Case Assurance Supervisor

Marissa Black

Intake Manager

Mike Barnett

Medical Liaison Manager

Nina Grimes

Referral Coordinator

Riley McKernan

General Operations

Rusty LeBlanc

Executive Officer

Sheree Harrell

Director of Operations

Valerie Bowers

Records Supervisor

Staff Members

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Adelene Garner

Legal Assistant to Ivy E. Perkins

Amber Ritchey

Intake Specialist

Amy Joffrion


Ana Morejon

Legal Assistant

Antonio Finley

Intake Specialist

April Walls

Legal Assistant

Arielle Kelly

Intake Specialist

Ashley Bounds


Beatriz Arias

Bilingual Intake Specialist

Ben Boswell

Assistant to General Manager

Briana Cox

Legal Secretary to Tim & Anne Marie McCrary

Brionna LeBlanc

Intake Specialist

Brittany Dugas

Paralegal to Chad S. Coffelt

Brittany Fresina

Legal Assistant to Jericha Remondet

Brittney Guidry

Legal Assistant

Brooke Williamson

Intake Specialist

C. Denise Marcelle

Community Outreach/ Legal Assistant

Candace Pampo

Legal Assistant

Candace Williams

Intake Specialist

Candice Hymel

Workers’ Compensation Paralegal to Annabelle P. Manning

Carolyn Phillips

Paralegal to Aub A. Ward

Cassandra Baker

Front Office Coordinator

Chelsea Graham

Legal Assistant to E. Courtney Kretzsinger

Cherie Mowen

Legal Assistant to Brad R. Matthews

Courtney Tuschl

Legal Assistant

Courtney Yarbrough

Paralegal to William J. Mitchell, II

Crystal Champagne

Legal Assistant to Devin M. Guidry

Danisha Bennett

Paralegal to Markel Guidry

Dawn Angelle

Paralegal to Brian C. Colomb

Deanna Mitchell


Desiree Lopez

Front Office Coordinator

Destiny Jenkins

Legal Assistant to Keith Accardo

Deunka Dixon


Donna Bourg

Legal Assistant

Donna Callender

Courier/ Administrative Assistant

Elaine Ley

Paralegal to Holly J. Lamarche

Emily Gaffney

Public Relations Specialist

Emily Johnston

Case Assistant

Emily Wood

Paralegal to Michael J. Montalbano III

Erin Branch-Rubbins

Accounting Associate

Ethan Bourque

IT Help Desk Analyst

Gabrielle Melancon

Paralegal to Brian Colomb

Gayleen Wilde

Paralegal to Greg Murphy

Genesis Atkinson

Bilingual Support Staff

Genevieve Roller

Legal Assistant

Guadalupe Hernandez

Bilingual Intake Specialist

Harley Andre

IT Help Desk Analyst

Hattie Buckley

Front Desk Coordinator

Hayden Bergeron

Law Clerk

Holli Seguin

Legal Assistant to Richard F. Zimmerman, III

Jana Lemoine

Trial Paralegal to Richard F. Zimmerman, III

Jayle Guy

Front Office Coordinator

Jenna Jordan

Legal Assistant to Tim & Anne Marie McCrary

Jennifer Day

Legal Assistant to Erik R. Miller

Jennifer Hebert

Legal Assistant to Matthew R. Reed

Jessica Boeneke

Legal Secretary to Chet G. Boudreaux

Joanna Perez

Bilingual Legal Assistant

Jordan Angelloz

Legal Assistant to Brent A. Robinson

Josie Eschete

Legal Assistant

Joy Ruckman

Paralegal to Douglas K. Foster

Judy Jackson

Litigation Paralegal

Katie Essex

Legal Assistant to Tucker W. Nims

Kayla Jordan

Legal Assistant

Kellie Poston

Paralegal to Rachel Coronel

Kristy Hodges

Legal Secretary to Brandon Stockstill

Laiken Troxclair

Human Resources Intern

Lauren Lane

Community Engagement Specialist

Leslie Brantley

Legal Assistant to E. Dion Young

Lewis A. Bonfanti

Human Resources Generalist

Lindsay Fruge

Payroll Coordinator

Lori Schildt

Legal Assistant

Luis Mariani

Bilingual Legal Assistant

Mary Pieper


Maya Legaux

Intake Specialist

Meghan Romero

Legal Assistant to Tucker Nims

Milagros Atkinson

Bilingual Legal Assistant

Paul Mitchell

Paralegal to H. Dean Lucius

Phillip J. Franklin

Legal Assistant to Makiva N. Johnson

Rhonda Barnett

Human Resources Coordinator

Rhonda Dunlap

Legal Assistant to Todd W. Hernandez

Rose Cormier

Support Staff

Sebastian Pereira-Pinzon

Marketing Manager

Shelby Barnes

Accounting Associate

Susette Duplechin

Paralegal to Brant C. Legendre

Suzanne Starr

Paralegal to Misti L. Bryant

Tammra Knight

Legal Assistant to Anne Marie M. McCrary

Tanieka Dunn

Intake Specialist

Tanya Farmer

Paralegal to Rory Green

Tara Thompson

Settlements and Disbursements Assistant

Terra Fitch

Legal Assistant to Ryan Lloyd

Tia Dunn

Intake Specialist

Tia Kelley

Front Office Coordinator

Tiera Marks

Intake Specialist

Toree Lopez

Case Opener Supervisor

Tranesia Joseph

Paralegal to Bryce Cohen

Tyzhane Miller

Intake Specialist

Vickie Efferson

Clerical Support Staff

Victoria Murley

Legal Assistant to Carmen Liriano

Virginia Carey

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Ylenia Reyna

Workers Compensation Bilingual Office Coordinator