Our Team

With offices in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Ascension, Livingston, Hammond, Lake Charles, and Monroe, our attorneys have represented victims of car accidents and big truck wrecks among other complex cases throughout Louisiana.

Legal Team

Anytime Lawyer™

Management Team

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Brett Babin
IT Manager
Danielle Hill
Human Resources Director
Deonna Israel
Financial Controller
Ellen Simon
Senior Litigation Paralegal/Litigation Manager
Jim Scala
General Manager
Joe Gipson
Intake Manager
Joslyn Smith
Public Relations Director
Kathy Causey
Quality Assurance Manager
Kizzy Parker
Settlements & Disbursements Manager
Linda Marino
Accounting Operating Manager
Marissa Black
Call Center Supervisor
Mike Barnett
Director of Intake
Pam Jones
Marketing Director
Pam Travis
Director of Training
Rusty LeBlanc
Executive Assistant to Gordon McKernan
Sheree Harrell
Director of Operations
Valerie Bowers
Processing Supervisor

Staff Members

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Adine Gauthreaux
Paralegal to Ashley Darville
Alison McCutcheon
Legal Assistant to Chris Corzo
Alyssa Kennedy
Paralegal to Greg Murphy
Alyssa Killebrew
Paralegal to Jessica Browne
Amber Hines
Support Staff
Amy Joffrion
Support Staff
Amy Longstreath
Front Office Coordinator
Angela Thibodeaux
Legal Assistant to Michael Montalbano, III
Angie Williamson
Legal Assistant to Dave Lefeve
Arielle Kelly
Intake Specialist
Ashley Pirtle
Litigation Paralegal to Brandon Stockstill
Ben Boswell
Assistant to General Manager
Betty Martrain
Litigation Paralegal to Chandler Loupe
Brenda Hollins
Support Staff
Bridget Lieux
Intake Specialist
Brionna LeBlanc
Intake Specialist
Brittany August
Litigation Assistant
Brooke Mertens
Intake Specialist
C. Denise Marcelle
Community Outreach / Legal Assistant
Candace Pampo
Legal Assistant to Gerard Morgan
Candice Hymel
Workers’ Compensation Paralegal to Annabelle Manning
Carolyn Phillips
Paralegal to Aub A. Ward
Cayley Escher
Legal Secretary to Chris Corzo
CeCe Cordova
Legal Assistant to M. Reah Linton
Chasity LeJeune
Legal Support Staff
Chelsea Graham
Medical Records Assistant
Cherie Mowen
Legal Assistant to Brad Matthews
Claire Caillier
Law Clerk
Courtney Yarbrough
Paralegal to William (Bill) Mitchell
Crystal Aucoin
Litigation Paralegal to Anne Marie Mueller-McCrary
Dawn Angelle
Paralegal to Brian Colomb
Deanna Martinez
Legal Assistant to Arlen Garfunkel
Destiny Jenkins
Legal Assistant to Jamie Cashio
Donna Callender
Courier / Administrative Assistant
Elaine Ley
Paralegal to Tucker Nims
Erica Straughan
Legal Assistant to Carmen Liriano
Erika Ferretiz
Bilingual Workers’ Compensation Legal Assistant to Annabelle Manning
Erin Branch-Rubbins
Accounting Assistant
Gabby E. Escobar
Marketing Assistant and Digital Specialist
Genesis Atkinson
Bilingual Support Staff
Heather Shugart
Legal Assistant to Courtney Kretzsinger
Holli Seguin
Legal Assistant
Jana Lemoine
Trial Paralegal for Richard Zimmerman, III
Jennifer Bardales
Accounting Associate
Jennifer Branau
Legal Assistant to Matthew Reed
Jennifer Day
Legal Assistant to Erik Miller
Jessica Boeneke
Legal Secretary to Chet Boudreaux
Jill Dier
Settlements & Disbursements Associate
Johanna Fini
Paralegal / Spanish Translation
Jordan Poche
Legal Assistant to Brent A. Robinson
Joy Ruckman
Paralegal to Doug Foster
Judy Jackson
Litigation Paralegal
Kay Lynn May
Legal Assistant to Timothy McCrary
Keysha Cobb
Accounting Associate
Kim Poirrier
Paralegal to Devin M. Guidry
Kristen Crawford
Legal Assistant to Michael “Trey” St. Romain
Layne LaBarthe
Records Specialist
Leontyne Hill
Paralegal to Jeff Watson
Leslie Brantley
Legal Assistant to Harry S. Johnson
Leslie Lugo
Bilingual Intake Specialist
Louis Barfield
Law Clerk
Luis Mariani
Bilingual Intake Specialist
Lynn Madden
Clerical Assistant
Margaret L. Kennedy
Paralegal to Katie Pizzini
Marialejandra Zuniga-Orejue
Bilingual Intake Specialist
Mary Barrow
Marketing and Human Resources Assistant
Meghan Romero
Legal Assistant to Brian Colomb
Michelle Ruiz
Accounting Associate
Milagros Atkinson
Bilingual Legal Assistant to Chad Boykin & Christina Valdes
Myriah Johnson
Legal Assistant
Nina Grimes
Pre-Litigation Operations
Paola Gonzalez
Legal Assistant to Chad Boykin and Christina Valdes
Paul Mitchell
Paralegal to H. Dean Lucius
Phillip J. Franklin
Legal Assistant to Sean Landry
Rachel Jaffy
Legal Assistant to Shea Smith
Rayna Rabalais
Medical Records Assistant
Rebecca Scimemi
Support Staff, Lafayette
ReShonda Jackson
Legal Assistant to Valerie DeLatte
Rhonda Dunlap
Legal Assistant to Adele H. Netterville
Rhonda Greenblatt
Legal Assistant to Luke Thibodeaux
Riley McKernan
Administrator of Career & Employee Relations
Rose Cormier
Support Staff, Lafayette
Samira Parrilla-Medina
Legal Assistant to Charles C. Boykin & Christina Valdes
Sandra Dillard
Medical Records Assistant
Shamar Milton
Digital Content Manager
Shanrika Alfred
Lien Verifications
Sharda Green
Support Staff
Shelby Barnes
Accounting Associate
Shelby Williams
Intake Specialist
Stephanie Griffin
Paralegal to Brandt Schmolke
Susan Poole
Office Coordinator
Suzanne Starr
Paralegal to Misti Bryant
Tamara Starks
Intake Specialist
Tanya Farmer
Legal Assistant to Cameron Snowden
Tara Marcelin
Intake Specialist
Tara Thompson
Lien Verifications
Tiera Marks
Intake Specialist
Toree Lopez
Intake Specialist
Veronica Barens
Bilingual Legal Assistant to Chad Boykin & Christina Valdes
Vickie Efferson
Clerical Support Staff