I-55 shut down for nearly 12 hours after a chemical spill near Kentwood

A semi truck carrying a dangerous chemical travels down a highway

Last Wednesday, September 7th, a commercial truck hauling hospital supplies was involved in a crash on I-55 between Kentwood and Osyka, Mississippi. Among the supplies on board, the truck was hauling 6,000 gallons of chemical cleaner that spilled onto the road after the truck collided with the back of a tanker. After the incident, two people involved were treated for inflicted injuries. Kentwood and Hammond’s respective fire departments worked in tandem with Tangipahoa Fire Protection to clean up the spillage, and I-55 was reopened approximately 12 hours after the initial crash.

While the severity of the injuries from this accident remains unknown, many truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and, in the worst cases, death. In the case of the accident in Kentwood, the victims are also at risk of dealing with health issues down the line due to their exposure to an abundant amount of chemicals. On top of the physical and emotional trauma from truck accident injuries, dealing with these circumstances adds unfair stressors like vehicle repairs, hospital bills, and handling insurance companies to innocent victims and their families.

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