Local Law Firm Helps Aspiring Attorney Attend Stanford University Program

attorney, Local Law Firm Helps Aspiring Attorney Attend Stanford University Program
Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys donated $500 to help Dimaria Christophe attend a law program at Stanford University.

Last week, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys offered a helping hand to Dimaria Christophe, a Brusly High School sophomore who dreams of becoming an attorney.

Dimaria received an invitation to attend the Intensive Law & Trial Program at Stanford University this summer. The program introduces those interested in pursuing legal careers to esteemed industry professionals and educational exercises. Those who attend the program leave with a wealth of hands-on experience and insight into the ins and outs of the legal profession.

However, this once-in-a-lifetime experience comes at a cost. Dimaria reached out to our firm asking if we would considering donating toward her costs for the program.

We reached out to Dimaria’s mother, Kim, to let her know that we wanted to donate toward her daughter’s program costs. However, we could have never anticipated what Kim would say next. She asked if we could “make Dimaria work for it.” Our team agreed without a second thought.

Kim requested that we invite Dimaria to our office for an interview. She shared that she was going to keep our donation commitment a secret and tell Dimaria that she was one of several students interviewing for a chance to win a donation.

Last week, Dimaria showed up at McKernan’s main office for what she thought was an interview. After answering some questions, a few team members walked into the conference room to present her with a check. Dimaria was thrilled.

We’re pleased to help Dimaria get closer to achieving and exceling in her dream of becoming an attorney.