What toxic substances can be found in the workplace?

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Many workers are consistently exposed to, or work nearby, toxic chemicals that can lead to the development of cancer or other conditions over time. Many of the chemicals we interact with at work every day can be toxic if they’re labeled incorrectly, used incorrectly, or combined with other chemicals. Common toxic chemicals in the workplace include

  • Asbestos, a commonly-used insulator in buildings built before the 1970s, can lead to mesothelioma and other serious lung diseases.
  • Benzene, common in the oil and gas industry, is used to make plastics, detergents, pesticides, and other useful chemicals. Exposure to benzene can lead to bone marrow damage, anemia, and an increased risk of infection.
  • Lead is used heavily in the construction, plumbing, automotive, mining, and manufacturing industries for a variety of purposes. Long-term lead exposure can lead to anemia, brain damage, kidney disease, and birth defects.
  • Arsenic is used in agriculture, glass production, electronics, and more. It’s a famous poison that can also cause cancer, breathing problems, and nervous system damage.
  • Pesticides are used widely in agriculture, and many have been linked to major diseases. For example, the herbicide Roundup has been linked to cancer and liver and kidney damage, while paraquat could cause Parkinson’s disease.
  • and more

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