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Families each year are faced with tough decisions when their elderly loved ones require care that extends that of their current ability. It’s often a difficult decision when it comes time to place your elderly family member in an assisted living facility, nursing home, or residential care facility. When a family chooses to place their loved one in an assisted living facility, they hope to be met with peace of mind knowing that their chosen facility is safe and secure, the staff is trustworthy and well-trained, and the round-the-clock care is of excellent quality.

While many facilities provide excellent care to their residents, some facilities are prone to abuse and neglect. Usually, the abuse and neglect that occurred in these nursing homes and assisted living facilities are caused by a lack of attention to resident needs and poorly trained staff. Most times, our elderly family members aren’t able to communicate clearly, which makes it necessary that staff is appropriately trained to be intuitive at all times. Inadequate training, lack of communication and attention, in addition to many other things are all reasons that elderly residents at these facilities become victims to abuse and neglect each year.

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Medical malpractice lawsuits are filed when an accident, an intentional act, or failure to act occurs within a care facility. Nursing home abuse and neglect, without question, are types of medical malpractice. Most times, when this kind of abuse or neglect occurs, the resident may be hesitant or unwilling to complain or share what has happened out of fear. The elderly sometimes are also unable to speak up, making it very important that a family member can recognize the most common signs of abuse and neglect. Symptoms include unexplained injuries, depression, loss of appetite, loss or lack of mobility, physical issues due to lack of nutrition, unsanitary living conditions, and poor personal hygiene. The team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Alexandria believes that nursing homes and assisted living facilities should always be a safe and secure environment for the elderly.

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