3 Ways a Car Wreck Lawyer in Shreveport Can Help You

In a split second, one person’s poor decision or inattention behind the wheel can result in lifelong devastation. Injuries sustained in an automobile accident can be very serious, even in an accident that may not appear severe. Neck and back injuries may not be apparent in the immediate aftermath, and symptoms can actually take weeks or months to fully manifest. These injuries can cause severe pain and discomfort that may affect them for the rest of their life and even hinder their ability to continue working. So, don’t assume you have avoided serious impacts and don’t need the help of an injury attorney. It is important to always seek medical attention and contact a car wreck lawyer in Shreveport to discuss your accident. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we have been helping individuals who have been hurt in car accidents recover fair payment for their injuries to help them get their lives back. We know the law and we deliver success that you can count on. In fact, the Get Gordon team has won more than 40 car accident verdicts of over a million dollars for our clients. 

Exercise Your Legal Rights With the Help of a Shreveport Attorney

As a community, we all have a responsibility to practice care and caution when driving. Unfortunately, not all drivers respect this obligation. If you have been hurt in a car accident involving a careless or negligent driver, you have a legal right to pursue reimbursement for your injuries. After a crash, enlist the help of an experienced car wreck lawyer in Shreveport to learn what the law says that you deserve and don’t settle for anything less.

Let a Car Wreck Lawyer in Shreveport Handle the Insurance Company

While insurance coverage is intended to be a safety net in the event of an accident, insurers often include a lot of legalese and technical jargon into policies to safeguard their financial interests. If the insurance company attempts to deny responsibility or refuse payment, an injury attorney will negotiate to protect you and make sure the insurer upholds the policy. The experienced Louisiana lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have handled all types of personal injury cases and when it comes to going up against insurance companies, we know that expertise matters.

Auto Accident Lawyers Know How to Build a Strong Case

A car accident injury case involves many factors, such as proof of liability, evidence of damage and/or injury, and establishing your claim through the laws that are in place. This process requires the skills of an expert Shreveport attorney who understands the complexities of personal injury law and will work with you to develop a solid case. Following an accident, seek assistance from a car wreck lawyer in Shreveport right away to ensure your health and future well-being are protected. The legal professionals at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have the knowledge to make sure the insurance company and the driver who is responsible are held liable for your injuries. Contact our team of Shreveport personal injury lawyers at 318-300-0000 or see us at our office located at 920 Pierremont Road, Suite 301, for a free consultation.