Your Guide to Safe Driving During a Hurricane

Hurricane Driving Tips Blog Image

Hurricane season is upon us, and while we hope for the best, it’s always wise to prepare for the worst. Driving during a hurricane can be extremely dangerous, but with the right precautions, you can be prepared to better protect yourself and your loved ones. Here are some essential tips for driving during hurricane season.…

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The Difference Between Driving a Big Rig Truck vs. Driving a Car

Cars and big rigs may both be forms of transportation on our roads, but driving them is a completely different experience. With their massive size and weight, big rigs present a unique set of challenges for drivers. These challenges impact everything from how the vehicle handles to how far it takes to stop. Understanding these…

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Staying Safe on Louisiana Roads: A July Crash Analysis

July Crash Analysis blog image

As we celebrate the Fourth of July and enjoy the height of summer, it’s essential to remain safe on the roads. Louisiana experienced a significant number of crashes in July 2023. Understanding these statistics can help us take precautions and stay safe. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we are here to support you and ensure…

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The Dangers of Louisiana Truck Driver Fatigue


The long hours and demanding schedules of the trucking industry can take a toll on drivers’ well-being. Many truck drivers develop chronic sleep deprivation and fatigue, putting themselves and others on the road at risk. A 2023 study on Truck Driver Health found that about 38% of commercial truck drivers reported feeling sleepy or fatigued…

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The Importance of Having an Accident Report When Involved in a Collision

Accidents can happen when we least expect them. The moments following a collision can be overwhelming, and calling the police might not be the first thing on your mind. However, at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we want to stress the importance of having an accident report when you’re involved in a car accident. Here’s why:…

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Navigating June’s Road Hazards: A Louisiana Crash Analysis

June Crash Analysis for Louisiana

As we gear up for the summer months, it’s crucial to recognize the heightened risks on the roads during certain times of the year. Unfortunately, June poses its own set of challenges when it comes to road safety. According to data from the Louisiana State University Center for Analytics and Research in Transportation Safety, June…

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Free Entry: Gordon McKernan Night Returns with the Baton Rouge Rougarou

We’re excited to announce that Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys is partnering with the Baton Rouge Rougarou for the second consecutive year to bring you an unforgettable evening! Mark your calendars for Gordon McKernan Night on Thursday, June 6, at 7 p.m., at Pete Goldsby Field. Last year’s Gordon McKernan Night was a resounding success, filled…

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LSU QB Garrett Nussmeier Takes Over Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys

Garrett Nussmeier around the office blog image

At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we believe in building strong relationships not only with our clients but also with our partners. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Garrett Nussmeier, quarterback for the LSU Tigers and a valued Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) partner of our firm. Garrett’s visit was packed with excitement and a…

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225 Bulletin Board Winners: Gordon Gives and Tan Cares Celebrate Louisiana’s Teachers

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, Louisiana! As we celebrate this special week, we’re thrilled to announce our first 225 Bulletin Board winners, David Aguillard and Sammetria Martin. Our community members nominated these individuals for their outstanding service and dedication to Louisiana’s youth. Meet the Winners David Aguillard is a music teacher at St George Catholic School.…

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Navigating May’s Road Hazards: A Louisiana Crash Analysis

May Crash Analysis Blog Image

As we prepare for summer, it’s crucial to acknowledge the sobering reality that certain times of the year pose increased risks on the roads. Unfortunately, the month of May carries its own set of challenges when it comes to road safety. According to data sourced from the Louisiana State University Center for Analytics and Research…

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Top 6 Companies Making Self-Driving Trucks in 2024

Fleet of autonomous hybrid trucks driving on highway. 3D rendering image.

While recent self-driving car offerings from Tesla, GM, Waymo, and the like are getting all the headlines, the autonomous vehicles most likely to be ready for prime time soon are autonomous trucks.  That’s right—within a few years, you could be driving down the highway next to a fully automated tractor-trailer or one that’s part of…

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Swinging for Success: SLU Lady Lions Chloe Magee and Bailey Krolczyk Sign NIL Deal with Gordon McKernan

SLU Softball Blog Image

We’re excited to team up with Southeastern Softball standouts Chloe Magee and Bailey Krolczyk in our first-ever Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) agreement with student-athletes from Southeastern Louisiana University. Chloe Magee Chloe, a rising star from Watson, Louisiana, embodies the spirit of resilience and leadership that we hold dear at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys. As…

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Gordon McKernan Launches Annual Gordon’s Grads Giveaway Contest 

Gordon's Grads Blog Image

Ready to kickstart your post-graduation plans with a brand-new laptop? We’ve got you covered! Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys is back with our annual Gordon’s Grads Giveaway, designed exclusively for graduating seniors across Louisiana. Contestants are asked to submit a 300+ word essay or a 1+ minute long video answering the following prompt: Tell us why…

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Spring Forward Safely: Navigating the Roads on Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Blog Image

As the clock springs forward every spring, your morning wake-up call isn’t the only thing to consider. While a later sunrise offers more time for summer fun, it can carry significant consequences on the road. Losing just one hour of sleep can turn routine activities into hazardous endeavors. Drowsy Driving Research has shown that darker…

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Leap into Legal Awareness: Navigating the Law on Leap Day

Leap Day Legal Tips Blog Image

February 29 is more than just a weird day to have a birthday. There are many traditions guided by leap day, but have you considered the legal loopholes that come with this every-four-year surprise? In Louisiana, statutes of limitations play a critical role in defining the timeframe for initiating legal proceedings. As we embrace the…

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Celebrate with Safety: Louisiana Mardi Gras Crash Analysis

As Mardi Gras approaches, communities across Louisiana eagerly anticipate the vibrant parades, lively celebrations, and colorful festivities that define this beloved holiday. However, amidst the joy and excitement, it’s crucial to recognize and address the potential dangers that accompany the festivities, particularly on our roads. Analyzing the Numbers: Mardi Gras in Focus Data from Louisiana…

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Gordon McKernan Introduces “Riding with G” Interview Series with Kim Mulkey

Riding with G Kim Mulkey Blog Image

We’re excited to introduce a new chapter at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys – the launch of our latest interview series, “Riding with G.” Following the success of our “Grubbin’ with G” podcast series, this new interview series takes inspiration from James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. The first episode kicks off with none other than Kim Mulkey…

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Good Things Come in Threes at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys

Good Things Come in 3s Blog Image

Have you noticed our new, “Good Things Come in 3s,” billboard while navigating the streets of Louisiana? You may recognize the friendly faces of Ellie and Penny, our cherished furry friends, sharing the spotlight with a mysterious third marked by a playful question mark. But beyond the intrigue of a new furry companion, this message…

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New Year, Same Headshot: Gordon McKernan’s Headshot Legacy

As we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, we’re excited to share our New Year’s billboard. This year’s installment takes a playful jab at a constant in our law firm’s advertising over the past 12 years – Gordon McKernan’s unchanging headshot. However, beyond the humor, the billboard conveys a core message that…

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New Year, Same Roads: A Louisiana New Year Crash Analysis

Louisiana New Year Crash Analysis Blog Image

As we approach the festive season, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys feels compelled to shed light on an aspect that often takes a backseat amidst the joyous celebrations – road safety. Our commitment to the well-being of our community extends beyond legal representation, and we find it essential to share insights from the Louisiana State University’s…

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Gordon McKernan’s 3D Billboard Spreads Holiday Magic in Baton Rouge

Christmas 3D Billboard Blog Image

Get ready to spice up your commute through Baton Rouge because our 3D billboard has undergone a festive transformation that is sure to warm hearts and spread Christmas cheer. A Grand Christmas Spectacle Standing tall at 16 feet and weighing 200 pounds, the realistic foam cutout of Gordon McKernan has taken on a jolly appearance,…

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Navigating the Holiday Roads: A Louisiana Christmas Crash Analysis

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and spending quality moments with loved ones. However, amidst the festive spirit, it’s crucial to recognize the potential dangers that come with increased traffic during this time. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we believe in providing valuable insights to keep our community safe. With the help…

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Spreading Cheer and Safety with Christmas-Themed Billboards

Christmas Billboard Blog Image

In the spirit of Christmas, our latest creative endeavor aims to bring a touch of Christmas magic to the streets of Louisiana. As we gear up for the holiday season, our marketing team has been hard at work, brainstorming ideas that are not only fun but also resonate with the familiar warmth and joy of…

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Spreading Joy and Gratitude with the Annual Thanksgiving Meal Giveaway

Thanksgiving Meal Giveaway blog image

At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, the holiday season is not just a time for festivities but also a time for giving back to our clients. This year, our attorneys continued the heartwarming tradition of the Annual Thanksgiving Meal Giveaway, a special initiative that reflects some of our firm’s core values. In the spirit of gratitude…

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A Heartfelt Triumph: Gordon McKernan Billboard Design Competition Winner Pays Tribute to a Little Hero

We’re delighted to announce that the first-place winning design of our Billboard Design Competition has now graced billboards across the state. Moreover, the heartfelt story that inspired its creation is heavy on our minds as we observe Epilepsy Awareness Month this November. First-place winner, Madisyn McLean, crafted the winning design on her iPad. The design…

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Breaking Stereotypes: Gordon McKernan Welcomes LSU Cheerleader Kyla Hebert to NIL Family

Kyla Hebert Blog Image

In our continued journey to support student-athletes, we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys family – LSU cheerleader Kyla Hebert. This exciting development represents not just another Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal but a significant stride towards breaking stereotypes and fostering inclusivity in the world of sports.…

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Stay Alert and Stay Safe: Drowsy Driving Week

Drowsy Driving Blog Image

The National Sleep Foundation recognizes Drowsy Driving Week 2023 from November 5 to 11. This observation reminds us of the importance of being alert and well-rested behind the wheel. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we are committed to promoting road safety and preventing accidents. Here are some valuable insights to help you understand and combat the risks…

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Stay Safe this Halloween with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys’ Top Tips

Halloween Safety Tips Blog Image

Amidst all the excitement surrounding Halloween, it’s important to prioritize safety to ensure that everyone has a fantastic and injury-free Halloween. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we care about your well-being, and that’s why we’ve put together this guide of Halloween safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe. Costume Safety Costumes are…

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How to Determine Your Compensation After a Truck Wreck

Truck wrecks can result in life-altering consequences. When you’ve been injured in such an incident, it’s essential to understand how compensation is determined. Several factors come into play when assessing the amount of compensation you may receive The Extent of Your Injuries One of the most significant factors influencing the compensation you’ll receive after a…

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Gordon McKernan: Following His Father’s Footsteps to Personal Injury Law

Blog image Gordon and Jerry

At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we stand as a beacon of legal excellence in personal injury representation. Our founder, Gordon McKernan, and the story of how he became a lawyer reflects the deep values and unwavering commitment we uphold at our firm. Family Ties When it comes to success, there are many paths to embark…

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Gordon McKernan’s Journey into NIL Partnerships

Gordon NIL Blog Image

The world of college sports has seen a significant shift with the introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities for student-athletes. Amid this exciting shift, Gordon McKernan quickly established himself as one of the state’s largest supporters of NIL. But why did Gordon decide to enter the NIL space? One of our teammates recently…

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Gordon McKernan Honors Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie with Billboards 

Taylor Swift Billboard Design Blog Image

At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we don’t just speak the language of law, we also know how to sing it. We’re celebrating the release of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie by covering Louisiana’s highways and interstates with Taylor Swift-inspired billboards, a visual ode to Taylor’s Fearless journey. In August, we introduced the Get Gordon…

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Three Car Wreck Tips from a Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney

Gordon McKernan. What happens if the person who hits you doesn't have insurance?

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences, both physically and emotionally. In the aftermath of a collision, it’s crucial to protect your rights and well-being. To help you navigate this challenging situation, here are three important car wreck tips from your trusted Louisiana personal injury attorney, Gordon McKernan. Do not give any recorded statements to the…

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Gordon McKernan Has ‘More 5-Star Reviews Than Billboards’

More 5 Star Reviews Than Billboards Blog Image

Our presence in Louisiana is marked not only by our relentless pursuit of justice but also by our talent for creating memorable advertising. If you’ve driven through Louisiana, you’ve undoubtedly noticed our billboards. With roughly one thousand of them spread across the state, we like to think that Gordon McKernan is the “Billboard King of…

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Gordon McKernan Helps Young Boy’s Dream Birthday Party Come True 

Brooks Birthday Main Blog Image

At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we believe that our commitment to the community goes beyond the courtroom. We recently had the incredible opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for a young boy named Brooks, whose heartfelt wish was to have a Gordon McKernan-themed 6th birthday party. Touched by his request, our team rallied together to…

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Gordon McKernan Announces the Winners of His Billboard Competition

Billboard Competition Winners Blog Image

After much anticipation, we are thrilled to finally announce the winners of our Get Gordon Billboard Competition! We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who participated and supported this exciting event. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication made this competition a resounding success. We received a diverse range of entries that showcased…

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Gordon McKernan Releases LSU LB Harold Perkins’ First Exclusive Interview 

Grubbin' with G Harold Perkins Blog Image

Grubbin’ with Harold Perkins Gordon McKernan and LSU Football linebacker Harold Perkins partner for a groundbreaking episode of the attorney’s “Grubbin’ with G” podcast. This episode marks Perkins’ first-ever interview, providing fans a rare glimpse into his personal life. Set against the backdrop of Dorothy’s Soul Food Kitchen in Baton Rouge, Perkins kicks off the…

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Southern University QB Harold Blood Signs NIL Deal with Gordon McKernan

Harold Blood blog image

We’re excited to announce our Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) partnership with Southern University quarterback, Harold Blood. This collaboration marks our first partnership with a student-athlete from Southern University. Hailing from Destrehan, Louisiana, Blood has showcased remarkable skill and determination throughout his journey to becoming the starting quarterback for Southern University’s football team. Under the…

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Guide to Hit and Run Laws in Louisiana

front of black car crushed on side of highway

In Louisiana, a hit-and-run refers to a car accident where a driver leaves the scene without sharing the required information. Remember, regardless of who is at fault, everyone must stay at the scene and exchange all contact information, including: This exchange of information ensures there will be proper handling of any potential damage and injuries.…

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Back to School Safety Tips from a Personal Injury Attorney

Back to School Safety Tips Banner Image

It’s back-to-school season! From school buses to hurried parents and young drivers, it’s important to remember that the roads are busier than ever with school back in session. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we’ve seen many unnecessary tragedies occur on the road, so we collected these back-to-school safety tips to help families in our community…

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Celebrating National Black Business Month: A Guide to Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys’ Favorite Black-Owned Eateries

Black Business Month Guide Banner Image

National Black Business Month is a tribute to the immense contributions of Black business owners, acknowledging their unwavering determination and significant impact on economies and communities across the nation. The celebration is a testament to the generations of Black entrepreneurs who transformed their visions into reality. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we recognize the invaluable…

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Stop on Red Week 2023

Stop on red Week Banner Image

“Stop on Red Week” is an annual initiative that highlights the importance of adhering to traffic signals to prevent accidents. A report from the National Coalition for Safer Roads documented an estimated 11,296 fatalities linked to red-light running in the United States between 2008 and 2021. Distracted driving, speeding, impairment, and aggressive driving are a…

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Wreck vs. Accident: Insights from a Personal Injury Attorney

Wreck vs. Accident Banner Image

In the realm of personal injury law, the terms “wreck” and “accident” carry distinct differences. While both “wreck” and “accident” may denote unexpected occurrences causing damage and/or bodily injury, it’s important to understand the how the nuanced differences between the terms can affect the trajectory of a personal injury case. Accident An “accident” reflects an…

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Guide to Out-of-State Car Accident Jurisdiction

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident is a complex process, and when it involves out-of-state parties, the legal landscape can become even more intricate.  At Gordon Mckernan Injury Attorneys, we understand the challenges individuals face when dealing with out-of-state car accident jurisdiction. This is why we had a Louisiana car accident lawyer from our…

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6 Common Types of Brain Injuries

4 panel brain scan from brain injury in baton rouge

In this Article: A brain injury is one of the worst injuries anyone can suffer. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, you could be facing years of therapy, expensive medical treatments, and a decreased quality of life. At our law firm, we have more than one brain injury lawyer on…

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Gordon McKernan: This Barbie Is Getting It Done!

Gordon McKernan Barbie Billboard

Louisiana’s billboard king, Gordon McKernan, has done it again! If you thought his previous billboards were eye-catching, wait until you see his latest billboard design celebrating the release of the highly anticipated Barbie movie. In a brilliant stroke of creativity, McKernan has replaced Ken’s face with his own, inviting all passersby to “Get Gordon.” Move…

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Gordon McKernan Voted Baton Rouge Area’s Best Law Firm in the Best of 225 Awards

Gordon McKernan Best of 225 Billboard Horizontal Image

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys recently earned the esteemed tile of “Best Law Firm” in the Best of 225 Awards. This coveted acknowledgment reflects the tireless efforts and exceptional service provided by Gordon McKernan and his team. Garnering an overwhelming number of votes, the law firm secured a resounding victory after securing a whopping 42.4% of…

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Gordon McKernan Announces G’s Getaway Giveaway: An Exciting Vacation Giveaway

G's Getaway Giveaway Image

In light of summer, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our exciting vacation giveaway, G’s Getaway Giveaway.   This opportunity will grant seven lucky winners the chance to win a $2,000 Airbnb gift card and a $250 gift card for additional travel expenses. The giveaway aims to spread joy, inspire adventure, and create lasting memories…

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Gordon McKernan Covers the State in Stars and Stripes for the Fourth

Gordon McKernan Covers the State in Stars and Stripes for the Fourth

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, commemorates the ratification of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This document spoke as the 13 colonies’ official claim of independence from Great Britain and pioneered the birth of our independent and flourishing nation. Americans typically celebrate the Fourth of July with boat days, cookouts and…

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Questions to Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Book

After you’ve been injured in an accident, you’re likely facing mounting medical bills, missing out on work, and unsure of your future. A knowledgeable Louisiana personal injury lawyer can help you recover the compensation you need to heal from the people responsible for your accident. However, you need to ensure that the lawyer you hire…

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Gordon McKernan Rallies Tigers Baseball Fan Base Ahead of National Championship Win

The McKernan's and Kim Mulkey at 2023 College World Series Image

What a remarkable season it has been for Tigers Baseball! From an outstanding season that welcomed a well-deserved National Championship win to my enthusiastic support through Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals with Tre Morgan, Gavin Dugas, and Gavin Guidry, we’ve made an incredible impact both on and off the field. Our partnerships have allowed…

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Gordon McKernan Night: FREE Entry Into the Baton Rouge Rougarou’s Game on June 30

Baton Rouge Rougarou's Gordon McKernan Night on June 30 Image

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the Baton Rouge Rougarou, a local team in the Texas Collegiate League. This collaboration aims to promote community spirit, support the Rougarou’s athletic endeavors and provide an exciting opportunity for families to come together for an evening of fun, food and baseball.   To celebrate this partnership and express…

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Gordon McKernan Talks Marketing and Sports with Jordy Culotta

Gordon McKernan on The Jordy Culotta Show YouTube Screenshot

Gordon McKernan recently sat down with Jordy Culotta for an interview on his sports podcast, The Jordy Culotta Show. In their conversation, McKernan discussed the vital role of his marketing team, the power of content creation, and his firm’s approach to navigating the evolving landscape of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) space. Through staying…

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Gordon McKernan Partners with Fleurty Girl Boutique for Branded Candles and More

Gordon McKernan Candle Image

Exciting news is buzzing through Baton Rouge as two local icons, Gordon McKernan and Fleurty Girl, have teamed up to celebrate the grand opening of Fleurty Girl’s new Baton Rouge store. This partnership brings together the famous advertising of Gordon McKernan and the creative charm of Fleurty Girl to bring unique and eye-catching merchandise to…

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Gordon McKernan Celebrates Youth Achievements Through BRAHL’s Coloring Contest

BRAHL Coloring Contest Winner Image

The Family Resource Group Foundation and Kid Scoop News recently partnered with the City of Baton Rouge and Baton Rouge Advancing Health Literacy for a coloring contest. The contest invited children from kindergarten to fifth grade to showcase their creativity through coloring a page centered around health and wellness. Recognizing the importance of nurturing young…

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Win 1 of 20 Baseballs Autographed by Tigers Baseball Stars 

LSU Baseball Giveaway Banner Image

In honor of the NCAA Super Regionals and Father’s Day this weekend, we’re giving away 20 baseballs autographed our Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) partners from Tigers Baseball, Gavin Guidry, Gavin Dugas and Tre Morgan.  As a company dedicated to fostering community engagement and supporting local sports, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys is thrilled to provide…

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Louisiana Summer Safety Tips

As we celebrate National Safety Month and the imminent arrival of summer, it’s the perfect time to focus on summer safety tips. Whether you’re enjoying time on a lake, playing an outdoor activity, or taking a road trip, here are some essential summer safety tips to keep in mind. Beat the Heat Louisiana summers are…

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Trucks Ignoring Road Laws and Causing Atchafalaya Basin Bridge Accidents

birds eye view of speeding truck on bridge

The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge has a reputation for being one of the more dangerous bridges in Louisiana and given the amount of traffic that it sees every day, it’s no wonder why. The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, also called the Louisiana Airborne Memorial Bridge, has been the site of over 1,000 incidents since 2014, and despite…

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Gordon McKernan Surprised With Custom “Air Gordon” Sneakers

One of our attorneys, Jeff Watson, joined forces with Duncan’s Custom Kicks to surprise Gordon McKernan with a pair of custom Nike Jordan sneakers. And to top it all off, we managed to capture McKernan’s priceless reaction on camera. Watson, known for his legal prowess and passion for sneakers, reached out to Duncan’s Custom Kicks,…

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What Happens If You’re Hit by An Uninsured Motorist in Louisiana?

Gordon McKernan. What happens if the person who hits you doesn't have insurance?

Being involved in a car accident is a stressful experience, but the situation becomes even more complicated when the other driver is uninsured. In Louisiana, driving without insurance is illegal, yet it still happens. If you find yourself involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, it’s important to understand your rights and the available…

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Common Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

truck rolled over on edge of hill

Truck rollover accidents can be some of the most devastating and dangerous incidents on the road. These accidents can cause significant damage, not only to the truck but also to any other vehicles and people involved. Many individuals who have suffered a truck rollover accident count on our experienced Louisiana truck accident lawyers to help…

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Truck Accident Settlements and Verdicts

18 wheeler driving on highway

If you’re suffering from losses caused by a Louisiana 18-wheeler accident or truck accident, you have the right to pursue a fair settlement for your damages. These 18-wheeler accident settlements and verdicts vary based on a variety of factors, including the nature of the accident, state law, the number of parties involved, and others. If…

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Step-by-Step Guide to Filing a Truck Insurance Claim

2 white trucks driving down highway

At , we understand that filing a truck insurance claim can be a daunting and stressful process. That’s why a truck accident lawyer from one of our many Louisiana offices is here to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. To help ease your mind, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to file a…

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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Doctor applying a plaster cast and bandages to patient forearm and wrist to immobilize after fracture injury.

A catastrophic personal injury is a severe and permanent injury that results from another person’s negligence or wrongdoing.  These injuries can occur due to various reasons, such as car accidents, falls, sports injuries, medical malpractice, and workplace accidents. If you or your loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, it’s essential to understand your legal…

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Louisiana’s “Buckle Up in Your Truck” Campaign

putting on seatbelt

Truck accidents can result in devastating consequences, including severe injuries and fatalities. According to recent studies, a significant percentage of pickup truck drivers who died in crashes were not wearing a seatbelt. These statistics highlight the critical importance of wearing a seatbelt in pickup trucks and the need for increased awareness and enforcement of seatbelt…

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Help Gordon McKernan Remain the Reigning Family Favorite Attorney in Baton Rouge

Nominate your fav family attorney | Gordon McKernan

Nominate Your Family Favorite Attorney The nomination period for Baton Rouge Parents Magazine’s Family Favorites contest is now open until Monday, May 15! Our law firm’s commitment to excellence has allowed Gordon McKernan to win Family Favorite Attorney in the past and we hope he does again this year. McKernan prides himself on building a…

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5 Delivery Truck Accident Statistics You Should Know

workers unloading boxes off delivery truck

Delivery trucks—those midsize box trucks you’re probably seeing more and more of lately—transport over 70% of the goods in the United States. Because they carry heavy or dangerous cargo and operate large, unwieldy vehicles, truck drivers and trucking companies are generally held to a higher standard of driving than other motorists. However, far too often…

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Angel Reese Talks National Championship Goal on “Grubbin’ with G”

Angel Reese | Grubbin with G

Grubbin’ with Angel Reese Gordon McKernan dined with NCAA Champion Angel Reese for a “Grubbin’ with G” episode weeks before NCAA National Championship win. In the episode, McKernan and Reese sat down for a meal at Phil’s Oyster Bar, a local Baton Rouge eatery known for its seafood. Gordon opened the discussion by stating his…

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Gordon McKernan Features Flau’jae Johnson on his “Grubbin’ with G” Podcast

Flau'jae | Grubbin with G

Grubbin’ with Flau’jae Today, Gordon McKernan shared his latest “Grubbin’ with G” episode featuring Flau’jae Johnson, a freshman guard with the LSU Women’s Basketball team and a rising star in the music industry.  Flau’jae, who signed an NIL deal with McKernan last month, joined McKernan’s family at her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant, Fiery Crab.  With…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Gordon McKernan Shamrocked

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today, we celebrate the life of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who is credited with bringing Christianity to the country. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we’re proud to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by highlighting Gordon’s Irish heritage and our core values of helping those in…

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Vote Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys As 225’s Best Law Firm

best of 225 voting 2023

The Best of 225 With over 30 years of experience in personal injury law, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys has established itself as a trusted and reliable source of legal support for those in need. We are committed to providing our clients with top-tier legal representation. Our team of experienced attorneys ensures that each client receives…

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If You Have a Tire Blowout You Should Take These 5 Steps

car accident from tire blow out

A tire blowout can be a frightening experience. One minute you’re driving on the open road and the next you suddenly hear a loud explosion and the car starts shaking uncontrollably. Not only is a situation like this stressful but it also can be very scary.  So, what causes tires to blow out? Many things…

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Flau’jae Johnson Signs NIL Deal with Gordon McKernan

Flau'jae signing

Getting It Done On the Court and On the Stage! Gordon McKernan has signed a monumental Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) deal with Flau’jae Johnson, a true freshman guard with the LSU Women’s Basketball team and a rising star in the music industry.  Rated 4 stars by ESPN, the Georgia native is rated the No.…

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Trucking Regulations in Louisiana

red big rig truck

Louisiana is home to 3 of the top 10 U.S. ports and an extensive amount of interstates and highways, so it sees a lot of commercial truck activity. Since these types of trucks are way bigger than the average car, truck, and SUV, regulations must be in place to help ensure everyone’s safety on the…

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The Multiverse of Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys

Calling all Marvel fans! At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we believe that every person across every universe deserves justice. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new multiverse billboard, inspired by the Marvel multiverse. Just like in the Marvel multiverse, our billboard features different versions of our law firm, each with their own unique style…

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Gordon McKernan Launches New Series Called Grubbin’ with G

Angel Reese | grubbin with G

Get Grubbin’! In his newest series, “Grubbin’ with G,” Gordon McKernan unites his love for food and conversation while creating a unique and entertaining experience for his audience. The premise of the series is simple: McKernan invites a guest to dine with him at a local restaurant for a meal and conversation. The informal setting…

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What Causes Most Maritime Accidents in the Gulf of Mexico?

piping and containment on rig mid ocean

The maritime and offshore industries are critical pillars of Louisiana’s economy. Hundreds, if not thousands, of roustabouts, roughnecks, derrickmen, captains, motormen, boatswains, rig technicians, drillers, and able seamen live in our state, and the good-paying labor they undertake generates millions of dollars in state income each year. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look…

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The Dangers of Underwater Welding

cartoon of underwater welding

Underwater welding is a specialized type of welding that requires extensive training and unique skills. Underwater welders typically work on offshore oil rigs and offshore pipelines when they are in need of repair. While the work can be very profitable, it can be argued that it’s the most dangerous job in the country. In fact,…

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Catch Our Get Gordon Jingle Dance Challenge Winners During Super Bowl LVII

Gordon Dance Challenge

Get Ready to Dance! The Get Gordon Jingle Dance Challenge, which took place over the past few weeks, proved a great success. Our team received an overwhelming number of entries of local community members showing off their creativity, talent and passion for our brand by submitting videos of them dancing to our catchy jingle. The…

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