A Home Run Partnership: LSU Softball’s Ciara Briggs and Maddox McKee Join the G Team

Ciara Briggs and Maddox McKee, A Home Run Partnership: LSU Softball’s Ciara Briggs and Maddox McKee Join the G Team

Our commitment to celebrating talent in sports knows no bounds. We’re excited to share that we’ve signed Name, Image, and Likeness deals with Louisiana State University Softball’s Ciara Briggs and Maddox McKee.

Ciara Briggs: The Gold Glove Phenomenon

Briggs, a standout graduate student at LSU, is a force to be reckoned with on the softball field. With an impressive list of accolades including back-to-back Gold Gloves and a remarkable batting average of .356, Briggs has rewritten the LSU Softball record books. As she gears up for the highly anticipated 2024 season, Briggs has solidified her status as one of the nation’s top college athletes.

Maddox McKee: The Texas Trailblazer

Hailing from Texas, McKee brings a unique blend of talent, leadership, and versatility to LSU Softball. With a dynamic playing style, McKee’s impact on the field is nothing short of extraordinary. Her athletic talent is a testament to her family’s rich legacy. With a father who played baseball at Tulane University and in the Minor Leagues for the Houston Astros, and a mother who played for the University of South Dakota, athletic talent runs deep in the McKee family.

A Grand Slam Partnership

As a firm deeply committed to supporting athletes across diverse sports, we couldn’t be more excited about welcoming Briggs and McKee to our team. “Their exceptional skills and accomplishments align perfectly with our vision of supporting outstanding student athletes,” said Gordon McKernan. “This partnership signifies our commitment to fostering a culture of excellence.”

We invite you to join us in celebrating this monumental partnership with Ciara Briggs and Maddox McKee. Together, we’ll continue to champion the values of talent, diversity, and inclusivity in sports, inspiring the next generation of athletes.