Your Virtually Perfect Guide to Mardi Gras 2021

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

Celebrating Mardi Gras During a Pandemic

The parades might be canceled, but you can’t truly cancel Mardi Gras any more than you can cancel Christmas! Mardi Gras is a season, a spirit, a tradition! It is more than the decorations or the parades. Although we are disappointed, we will not get to catch some beads, there are a ton of ways to safely celebrate Mardi Gras virtually or at your home. Below are some great alternatives:

Grab yourself or your friends a delicious King Cake!

The tradition of King Cakes dates back to 1870 and was brought to New Orleans from France. Traditionally a king is oval-shaped and a cross between coffee cake and a French pastry. It is decorated in the traditional Mardi Gras colors, purple, green, and gold. Pick up one of these delicious treats from a local bakery. For a list of famous bakeries throughout LA, follow the link!

Visit New Orleans for its first annual Yardi Gras!

To keep people safe and stop the spread of COVID, Mardi Gras parades were canceled this year. However, as we said, the spirit of Mardi Gas lives on! The people of New Orleans have taken it upon themselves to decorate their homes to resemble floats. Take a trip down to New Orleans to “parade-in-place”. Follow the link to learn more.

Decorate your home!

Can’t make it to New Orleans to see “Yardi Gras”? Take the time to decorate your own home in the traditional purple, green, and gold! Add some glitter to ensure you get the full effect. Mardi Gras is a lavish celebration, so more is the best choice when it comes to décor. For some fun DIY decoration ideas, visit Pinterest. Get the kids or grandkids involved- hello Mardi Gras mask!

Cook at home!

…” Jambalaya and a crawfish pie and filé gumbo” – The Carpenters

Add the perfect complement to your King Cake by cooking a traditional New Orleans meal. We all know that Louisiana has some of the best cooking around, so take the time to indulge and treat yourself to local cuisine! Bring the kids in to help for some quality family time. Visit for a list of traditional Louisiana Meal Ideas.

Create your own cocktail!

Are you missing drinks at the cocktail bar at Pat O Brien’s or a fun night at Lafitte’s? Well, grab a shaker and your best glasses… it’s time to bring New Orleans home! Sezarc is the official cocktail of New Orleans. For other New Orleans cocktail ideas, visit this site!

Jazz it up!

New Orleans has long been hailed as the city of jazz. Play some great jazz music from New Orleans natives like Louis, Jelly Roll, Harry Connick, or Danny Barker. Don’t forget to sprinkle in some famous Mardi Gras songs.

Don’t forget…laissez les bons temps rouler!

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!