Alexis Morris Talks Second Chances and Basketball with Gordon McKernan During Podcast Episode

Alexis Morris, Alexis Morris Talks Second Chances and Basketball with Gordon McKernan During Podcast Episode

Grubbin’ with Alexis!

Our latest “Grubbin’ with G” episode featured Alexis Morris, NCAA National Champion and second-round WNBA draft pick for the Connecticut Sun. The episode delved into Morris’ upbringing, her basketball journey and more, all the while shedding light on her humility and perseverance. 

During the podcast, McKernan and Morris discussed their partnership, which saw its start at a Starbucks in Baton Rouge. McKernan learned about Morris from Coach Kim Mulkey, who had coached Morris at Baylor years prior before having to dismiss her from the team. A few years later, Mulkey asked Morris to come play for her at LSU, and McKernan noted that there was “a sparkle in her [Mulkey] eyes when she talked about you.” 

A lover of redemption stories and second chances, McKernan signed Morris as his first Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) partner. Since signing Morris, McKernan has gone on to sign countless deals with players across various sports and Louisiana universities.  

Morris shared her story of how she learned to play basketball barefoot in her neighborhood in Beaumont, Texas. She said that playing with the neighborhood boys and in the YMCA little league team in her hometown helped shape her competitive spirit. This spirit was evident throughout Morris’ outstanding college basketball career, culminating in a National Championship win.

McKernan, whom Morris affectionately calls “Mr. Cool,” asked what advice she would give her 12-year-old self. Morris paused for a moment, acknowledging that this age was particularly difficult because it was around the time her father left for a few years. Morris replied by saying she would tell her 12-year-old self to “Stay confident. Stay the course. You are loved. Believe in yourself.”  

“What a blessing it has been to work with Lex. She’s exceeded what I expected of her both on and off the court, and I wish her the very best as she goes in to play professionally,” said McKernan.