Breaking Stereotypes: Gordon McKernan Welcomes LSU Cheerleader Kyla Hebert to NIL Family

Kyla Hebert, Breaking Stereotypes: Gordon McKernan Welcomes LSU Cheerleader Kyla Hebert to NIL Family

In our continued journey to support student-athletes, we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys family – LSU cheerleader Kyla Hebert. This exciting development represents not just another Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal but a significant stride towards breaking stereotypes and fostering inclusivity in the world of sports.

A Legacy of Support for Student-Athletes

Since the NCAA granted college athletes the ability to leverage their name, image and likeness, we’ve been at the forefront of supporting student-athletes. Our journey began with Alexis Morris, a former LSU Women’s Basketball player, and has since extended to various schools and sports across Louisiana.

Challenging Stereotypes, Celebrating Dedication

The unveiling of this exciting partnership occurred through a collaborative post on Instagram. In the post, Kyla candidly shares the adversity she has faced as a cheerleader, with some people not recognizing cheerleading as a legitimate sport.

In a touching and heartfelt revelation, Kyla expressed her gratitude towards Gordon, who saw beyond the stereotypes and recognized her true athleticism. Gordon, echoing our collective excitement, stated, “I’m excited to partner with more female athletes like yourself in the coming months… and let me be clear – you are an athlete; what you do is a sport.”

Our collaboration with Kyla signifies more than just a business partnership; it is a commitment to challenge stereotypes and showcase the dedication and skill required in all sports. Together, we aim to reinforce the notion that cheerleading deserves recognition as a legitimate and demanding sport.