Cade Beloso and Gordon McKernan Talk Baseball and New Beginnings in “Grubbin’ with G” Episode

LSU Baseball alumnus Cade Beloso sat down with Gordon McKernan on the latest episode of “Grubbin’ with G,” offering fans an exclusive glimpse into his journey from childhood dreams to championship glory and beyond.

The episode, filmed at Dearman’s in Baton Rouge shortly after the Tigers’ win last summer, captures the essence of Cade’s success on the baseball field and his aspirations for the future.

The Journey

Born in St. Bernard, Louisiana, Cade’s passion for baseball started young. He talked about growing up in the sport and the journey that led him to become a key part of the Tigers’ esteemed team.

“I remember tee ball being my first core memory, watching my older brother play baseball and always having a bat in my hand,” Cade said. “I wanted to be like him.”

From little league to the pinnacle of college baseball, Cade’s dedication and talent propelled him forward. When his 11th-inning home run delivered a win in Game 1 of the 2023 College World Series final over Florida, it was undeniable that he was born to be a champion.

Tigers on Top

It’s no secret that Cade played an integral role in securing the Tigers’ victory. He told Gordon about the team’s winning mindset going into Omaha and head coach Jay Johnson as a driving force behind the program’s success. Cade expressed his admiration for Jay’s leadership and how teamwork and resilience defined the Tigers’ championship run.

Looking Ahead

Beyond the glory of the diamond, Cade shared insights into his post-baseball endeavors. He accepted a pharmaceutical sales job and planned to coach the next generation of baseball stars. It’s a testament to his character and dedication to giving back to the sport that has shaped his life.

Gordon encourages fans and locals to check out the full podcast episode for an opportunity to get to know Beloso beyond the baseball field.