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Life wouldn’t be as we know it today if it didn’t give curve balls, especially when you aren’t ready for them. Just because you may feel like you have everything taken care of doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be ready either. And what better example of that than a vehicular collision? When in an auto accident, there are generally no warnings or necessary preparations ready. Now, not only do you have to worry about fixing your car, but you now also have to deal with insurance companies, and the overflowing medical bills of a personal injury. In a world of optimism for auto accident victims, insurance companies would be able to take care of everything quickly and efficiently. However, we live in a different kind of system. Though the insurance companies will try to do what they can, it is very easy for you to be swindled out of the money you deserve if you don’t get a professional to aid you in the right decisions, especially if you’re injured. That’s where the auto accident attorneys from the McKernan Law Firm in Lafayette come in.

Adding Up in Your Favor

woman in mental distress after rental car accident

 Gordon McKernan’s auto accident attorneys have put forth their efforts time and time again to help multiples of people with vehicular collision cases, and are experienced in how to professionally protect their clients from fraud or just losing what they deserve. Personal injury car wreck cases especially can be very complex for just one person and most insurance companies have the resources needed to help minimize what they’ll have to pay in order to make a profit. But the auto accident attorneys at the McKernan Law Firm in Lafayette are so confident in their practice that these auto accident attorneys won’t make you pay a cent until your case is won. Perhaps it is because of this reason that McKernan Law Firm auto accident attorneys have over a 99% success rate for the cases they have accepted, and when you need help and/or are injured from your accident, those numbers add up in your favor. You can get your specific case evaluated for free at the McKernan site to see how much it will “cost” in the end. The cost is in parenthesis because of the money your auto accident attorney will be fighting to give you! With 85 verdicts and settlements of at least one million dollars, the anxiety of you getting what you deserve will not be a problem. All varieties of auto accident cases have been handled by these auto accident attorneys so don’t sweat it. Focus your efforts on recovering from your injuries while the McKernan Law Firm auto accident attorneys do what they’re good at in Lafayette; helping you!

Gordon Gives

Though the McKernan Law Firm in Lafayette is known to have wonderful auto accident attorneys, it doesn’t mean that they fall into the negative lawyer stereotype. They aren’t all about the business and no compassion. The McKernan Law Firm makes it a point to give back to the community with the program Gordon Gives. It has helped donate TV’s to area hospitals and even given Christmas gifts to families in need. The McKernan Law Firm sees the money you pay for your protected rights as a blessing to be shared with the people who really need it. So when you find yourself, quite literally between a rock and a hard place (or car) in Lafayette, make sure to call or click the auto accident attorneys you can trust to not only help you, but help others as well.