Find A Truck Accident Lawyer In Lafayette

One of the most severe types of accidents any auto driver in Lafayette can have is with a truck or 18-wheeler. Once you recover from the shock of being involved in such an accident, the next wave of trauma hits, as you realize that you have to deal with extreme physical injuries, and somehow find the large amount of money you will need to fully recuperate from them. Injuries in an accident with a truck can cause permanent disability, requiring long-term medical care. Since truck drivers are backed by the force of their trucking company and insurance company, it can be difficult to win a claim against them, if you are trying to do it on your own. Even with the help of your insurance company, the amount of compensation can be minimal. Some big trucking companies pay their legal teams to keep their insurance settlements low. You need a Lafayette truck accident lawyer who knows how to win a court case against as powerful a force as a trucking company.


Gordon McKernan is the lawyer you need. He has his own powerful team of lawyers backing him, the McKernan Law Firm. They have a long history of winning difficult court cases against truck drivers and their legal defense teams. The McKernan Law Firm is different from any other Lafayette truck accident lawyer you may encounter. They are not only concerned about winning court cases. They are deeply motivated and concerned about the welfare of their clients. They are the lawyers in your neighborhood who simply will not rest until everything possible has been done to help you recover from your injuries, including setting you up with the best medical help available, while you are waiting for your court case to settle. Gordon McKernan and his team of powerful lawyers are compassionate. They treat their clients like family. Gordon McKernan is a man whose compassion is already well-known in his community. His charity, Gordon Gives, helps and supports families and children all over Louisiana. His generosity and kindness has touched many of them. Gordon’s greatest desire is to use his talents to give back to his community for the blessings God has given him, which is why you cannot find a better Lafayette truck accident lawyer to help you.


The McKernan Law Firm handles all its personal injury work on a contingency fee basis. That’s important, because it means that if you don’t have the financial resources to hire a lawyer, you can still depend upon them to take your case. You never pay a fee to anyone, unless they are successful at winning you a monetary settlement. They will work hard to break through legal walls to get you the largest settlement possible for your injuries. If you need a Lafayette truck accident lawyer, call the McKernan Law Firm today.